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Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make ads

Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make ads. In this Facebook Ads Guide we are going to explain all its functions step by step and explain how to optimize its results. We hope that with these tips you will be able to create and improve your campaigns so that they are more profitable. The possibilities are almost endless. Let’s discover them.

Campaign types and ad formats

Campaign types and ad formats. The first thing is to start by knowing what types of campaigns you can create on Facebook so that you can clearly differentiate each objective and know how to choose the most appropriate one. In total you have 10 options with ad subtypes depending on the format and its location. Promote your posts. The goal is to encourage email contact list engagement on your posts (likes, comments, and shares). It can be a great boost if you’re new to Facebook or can’t get your posts to work on their own.

Reach people in the local environment

Reach people in the local environment. They are campaigns designed for small and medium-sized local businesses. If this is your case, it may be a good option because you segment based on a geographic radius of 1 to 70 kilometers around your business to only target people. Therefore, who are nearby when you have the campaign active. Increase attendees to your event. It serves to increase visibility EA Leads and get more people to participate in the event .

Copywriting Guide: 15 steps to write well on your website

Copywriting Guide: 15 steps to write well on your website. If you are not yet familiar with the concept of copywriting, I will describe it to you in a few words. It is about writing persuasive texts with a clear objective: to attract the reader’s attention with a final purpose. Here you will find 15 recommendations to achieve it. I hope you find them useful. It is nothing new and you just have to listen to the radio or turn on the television to discover examples of traditional copywriting. As Polikoff said, “copy is a direct conversation with the consumer,” and a copywriter is nothing more than a good salesperson behind a computer. Imagine that your project has the website of your dreams.

Less hyperbole and adjectives

 Less hyperbole and adjectives. A very common mistake is to fill your texts with adjectives and hyperbole. Everything is wonderful, fantastic and unique. I can tell you that they email leads  will be of no use if what you want is to sell. If you say that your product is the best on the market, the first thing your reader will think while reading is: WHY? That is precisely what you must explain. Convince him. Use action verbs vs. adjectives and your texts will gain credibility.

Long or short copy

Long or short copy. What we don’t want is for our potential clients to feel like they are wasting their time when reading a sales letter or a section of our website. After five years working as a copywriter for very different projects, I can tell you that there is no single way to write copy and that the last thing you should do is use the same formulas EA Leads for all your products. Selling a shampoo against hair loss is not the same as selling a book on coaching. Surely someone who suffers from alopecia will be in a hurry to buy the first thing.

18 Steps to create a company or set up a business

18 Steps to create a company or set up a business. If you are considering creating a company in the digital age , and it is your official year as an entrepreneur , you must take several steps into account before doing so. To create a company today it is no longer enough to open your business and wait for clients to arrive. The competition is greater and the offline business must be completed with an online version that accurately represents the values ​​and services of your business project.

Create a marketing strategy

Therefore, Create a marketing strategy. 18 Steps to create a company or set up a business. Your Marketing strategy must be aligned with your objectives . Establish top people data where your target audience is and define well your buyer persona. Therefore, what your dissemination channels will be. how and with what frequency you will create content on your blog, their intention (they will be focused on direct sales. they will provide value -inbound marketing-). how your competition does it. If you’re a little lost, we can help you with this complete online marketing manual. But if your business is not exclusively online.

Choose a domain with the name of your business

Choose a domain with the name of your business. 18 Steps to create a company or set up a business. Do you remember what we talked about before about the importance of choosing a name that includes a keyword ? Now you know why. You are going to need a website that gives you online visibility. Therefore, if your name and domain include that magic word you will have some extra points. Even if you don’t have the website yet EA Leads you should buy the domain.

Fernando Tellado December 9, 2022

Fernando Tellado December 9, 2022. 22 steps to Protect WordPress: Anti-hacker security. We have made a compilation of recommendations to protect your WordPress as much as possible . Being the most used content manager in the world, it is quite common for you to receive attacks from hackers, brute force and robots. If you have all the options checked by default, you could have a security problem that leaves you without a website or that includes malicious code. See which of these actions you can do to be much more protected.

Don't use the wp_ prefix for the database

Don’t use the wp_ prefix for the database. From the first moment of installing WordPress you have to specify a series of information that you have to enter so that WordPress communicates with the database. Most of this information is provided to you by your hosting provider, such as the database name email database username and password. But there is a decision to make: decide the prefix of the tables that will be created for WordPress. And, of course, this is something that every hacker knows, and it is free information that we give to any potential attacker.

Do not use the admin user to access WordPress

Do not use the admin user to access WordPress. Another decision that we have to make during the installation of WordPress is the name of the first user to access the administration of our website , a user who by default will have full EA Leads management permissions. For years WordPress has offered a default username which, of course, you should not use. So when choosing the name of your first user to access WordPress.

List of ALL Social Networks in the World in 2023 [+100]

List of ALL Social Networks in the World in 2023 [+100]. Social networks are constantly evolving. Some endure, others modify their nature, others die. This article brings together the most important platforms and social networks grouped by categories of the moment. Additionally, in this post you will find some recommendations to get more out of these platforms.

Introduction to social networks

Introduction to social networks. The origin of social networks is marked by the desire to bring people together. Almost a decade before the launch of Facebook, Randy Conrads created in 1995. His idea was to help people reconnect with old classmates from school, kindergarten, etc. The platform has changed significantly and is no longer what it was, but it describes the intention of this type of personal networks a little. Today we can find a multitude of platforms and categories , some of an absolutely personal nature and others with more professional overtones. With the introduction of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) apps have arrived . Communication job function email list has become even more effective, because it no longer needs to be accessed through a computer, but is in our pockets.

How to classify social networks

How to classify social networks. Categorizing networks is quite a challenge. Not only are they numerous, but they often occupy several competencies or have several aspects . This is the case of Twitter, which in principle is a personal network where people express themselves freely. However, for marketers it is an excellent source of information and the same for EA Leads journalists. We have all accepted that LinkedIn is the professional territory par excellence. However, it is easier to get in touch with another professional through Twitter.

Pinterest within your social media strategy

Pinterest within, Do you want to optimize your Pinterest strategy? When browsing the main marketing blogs in the English blogosphere, it is very likely that you will find a huge number of articles that tell of its great benefits, compared to those of other social networks . According to what I have been able to read in those blogs, to name a few points, it is said that Pinterest increases traffic to a website, generates more engagement, facilitates obtaining quality leads, boosts the sales of an online store and even improves the SEO positioning of a website.

Well-optimized images

Despite what professionals from email contact list other parts of the world can tell us, in this country, and in a large number of Spanish-speaking countries, companies still do not know how to use Pinterest correctly in their social media strategies. Pinterest within. I have been able to verify that there are some businesses in this country that are on Pinterest, but without professional or strategic criteria. That is to say, they have a poorly optimized presence that ultimately does not prevent them from achieving the results that they perhaps expected to obtain.

Use high-quality

As a result of all this that I have told EA Lead you so far, I have come to the conclusion that the main problem of our companies is that they do not fully understand how to use Pinterest in their daily online life in a much more productive way. I am referring to carrying out basic optimization work on your accounts, to adapt it to your current strategies and improve the results obtained thanks to them. In this post you will find How to use Pinterest in your marketing strategy? 12 Tips to optimize and use Pinterest within your social media strategy.boosts the sales of an online store and even improves the SEO positioning of a website.

Free strategy not profitable for anyone

Why is abusing the strategy of free or completely free consultations not profitable for anyone? Free consultations are not always a winning option. Reflect! When you are a freelance professional or a business that is trying to position itself on the Internet and improve its visibility (to attract more potential clients), one of the strategies that you usually implement is to have a blog in which you can demonstrate your best skills and share content. quality for your target . That is, giving added value to your audience.

Strategy designed

While enhancing your top people data image and reputation on the Internet . What is a free consultation strategy on a blog? Is it the same as saying everything for free? At the same time that you provide educational content on your blog , with the intention of positioning yourself better and attracting the largest possible number of potential clients, you also offer your readers the possibility of commenting or contacting you and asking you questions related to your articles, services, products or businesses you offer. This technique is what we could broadly.

 Completely consultations

Which obviously is not the same as saying EA Lead that everything is free. The drawback is that many tend to make the mistake of labeling these strategies as a simple “everything for free” , parallelisms that cannot and should not be understood that way… because this is something that in the end does not benefit anyone. An example of a well-made comment or question (that only seeks to resolve a small doubt following one of my posts ) could be this: Free Consultation Strategy (Example of a Blog Question) Nowadays.

Create a secret board on Pinterest

Create a secret , What is a secret board on Pinterest? A secret board is a hidden place within your own profile and out of reach or view of other Pinterest users. where you can store your most intimate images or pins. Therefore, This type of private boardsAllows you to have a space, like a hard drive, to which only you or the people you want to invite will have access. Summarizing the topic a little.  And as they tell us from the same social network. They are designed for users who do not want to make too much noise or keep some of their favorite ideas.

Frequently asked questions

How do you create a secret email leads board on Pinterest? If you are thinking of creating a hidden board.   To make one or, what is the same, secretly transform one of our new boards. Just activate the option “Do you want it to be secret?” that Pinterest offers you in the same creation process. How Do You Create a Secret Board on Pinterest? As we have already said. Hidden Pins that are added to one of those boards will not be visible anywhere else on this social network. This means they won’t be seen in search results.

 Boards on Pinterest

Categories your followers  home feed EA Lead or the Pins section of your profile. In order to find them you will have to go to the bottom of your account yourself (you just have to slide to the bottom of your screen).  Therefore, Secret Board Location On Pinterest In addition . And as you can see in the following screenshot. You have more diverse options when creating one of those secret boards. Secret Board Options On Pinterest 1) Choose who else can see and add images to them.

How to edit posts with links and photos from my Facebook

Do you want to modify a Facebook post? Editing the text in posts with photos on my Facebook. Whether we are talking about a personal profile or a company page. Has been an option that has been in force for quite some time. Although the availability of that same function to change text and other issues in different post formats (or modify a status update as a link) I would say that not much more than a year ago we were also allowed to edit almost any type of publication that we will make on this social network.

Facebook photos

This is a topic that I wrote about email database at that time (Finally! My Facebook allows me to edit posts) and that continues to receive hundreds of daily visits to the blog today. In recent months. And as is usual when entering Facebook. We see that this function has undergone some updates and slight improvements that have gone almost unnoticed by many of us (especially for the non-professional user). As I said. Despite having talked about it. I think that without a doubt today it is time to update this topic to try to include those changes and optimizations that have been generated during all that time.

Personal page

Furthermore, seeing the questions that EA Lead blog readers still leave (in the comments or by email), and how in demand that previous post continues to be, I have come to the conclusion that editing a status update on our profiles or pages company is currently a mystery for many users of that social network. Example: Facebook photo posts Example of Posts as Facebook Photos So, as a result of all these reasons that I tell you. it occurred to me to write a new guide .

Promote your tourist apartments

Although I have detected that the tourism sector in general is one of the ones that seems to have the least activity on this professional social platform. Perhaps it is due to a lack of information and knowledge on the subject or because we believe that the target audience of a hotel or tourist apartment is not found on this social network. It is thinking about those two first options that in this 4th guest post I thought it would be interesting to have the collaboration of my friend Laura Ferrera. So that she can tell us some important details

Promote your hotel 

Additionally , as an added value job function email list for all my readers. Laura leaves us one of her latest ebooks (Keys to selling on the Internet) for free. Which you can find and download for free at the end of this post. In this post you will find How to promote your hotel or tourist apartment company on Linkedin? What is Linkedin for companies? In order to create a Linkedin page for companies.  Two requirements must be met: What to share on your Linkedin page for business? Conclusion How to promote your hotel or tourist apartment company on Linkedin?

Tourist apartment

Do you have a tourism business and have EA Lead doubts about whether Linkedin for companies is the right platform to promote your tourist accommodation or apartments? Linkedin is a social network where professionals and companies from very different sectors and commercial activities coexist. So why not take advantage of this platform to promote your accommodations and business tourism in general? Remember that your tourism company should always try to have a good presence in the places where its ideal target audience is located. For example, outside of the usual holiday season.

What should you consider when using this strategy

As in any digital strategy, it is necessary to maintain a consumer-oriented approach. A commitment to promoting better product experiences should be part of the company culture. To do this, development teams must have adequate tools to analyze user behavior. Without an investment in analytics, it is not possible to fully realize the potential of your product. Based on the data available in the intelligence reports, it is possible to make the necessary changes to improve the way users interact with the product. In this process.

Fitness for purpose

When developing your PX strategy, it is important to Job Function Email List consider fit for purpose, that is, whether the product has the necessary features to meet user needs. Sensory design Sensory design refers to how the product attracts the consumer, whether through its visual, tactile, sound, etc. appearance. Usability The greater the usability of the product, the more satisfied the consumer will be. This factor refers to the ease that the user finds when using the product.

How are other brands using the PX

Now that you understand what EA Leads product experience is. Its importance, and what you should consider when implementing your strategy, let’s look at some practical examples. One of the main concerns of e-commerce customers is regret after making a purchase. With this in mind, L’oreal’s PX team has developed a creative way to deal with the situation. They have designed software that allows potential customers to try products before purchasing; all in a completely virtual way. How does it work? Through an interactive platform based on artificial intelligence principles.