Free strategy not profitable for anyone

Free strategy not profitable for anyone

Why is abusing the strategy of free or completely free consultations not profitable for anyone? Free consultations are not always a winning option. Reflect! When you are a freelance professional or a business that is trying to position itself on the Internet and improve its visibility (to attract more potential clients), one of the strategies that you usually implement is to have a blog in which you can demonstrate your best skills and share content. quality for your target . That is, giving added value to your audience.

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While enhancing your top people data image and reputation on the Internet . What is a free consultation strategy on a blog? Is it the same as saying everything for free? At the same time that you provide educational content on your blog , with the intention of positioning yourself better and attracting the largest possible number of potential clients, you also offer your readers the possibility of commenting or contacting you and asking you questions related to your articles, services, products or businesses you offer. This technique is what we could broadly.

 Completely consultations

Which obviously is not the same as saying EA Lead that everything is free. The drawback is that many tend to make the mistake of labeling these strategies as a simple “everything for free” , parallelisms that cannot and should not be understood that way… because this is something that in the end does not benefit anyone. An example of a well-made comment or question (that only seeks to resolve a small doubt following one of my posts ) could be this: Free Consultation Strategy (Example of a Blog Question) Nowadays.

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