Promote your tourist apartments

Promote your tourist apartments

Although I have detected that the tourism sector in general is one of the ones that seems to have the least activity on this professional social platform. Perhaps it is due to a lack of information and knowledge on the subject or because we believe that the target audience of a hotel or tourist apartment is not found on this social network. It is thinking about those two first options that in this 4th guest post I thought it would be interesting to have the collaboration of my friend Laura Ferrera. So that she can tell us some important details

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Additionally , as an added value job function email list for all my readers. Laura leaves us one of her latest ebooks (Keys to selling on the Internet) for free. Which you can find and download for free at the end of this post. In this post you will find How to promote your hotel or tourist apartment company on Linkedin? What is Linkedin for companies? In order to create a Linkedin page for companies.  Two requirements must be met: What to share on your Linkedin page for business? Conclusion How to promote your hotel or tourist apartment company on Linkedin?

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Do you have a tourism business and have EA Lead doubts about whether Linkedin for companies is the right platform to promote your tourist accommodation or apartments? Linkedin is a social network where professionals and companies from very different sectors and commercial activities coexist. So why not take advantage of this platform to promote your accommodations and business tourism in general? Remember that your tourism company should always try to have a good presence in the places where its ideal target audience is located. For example, outside of the usual holiday season.

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