What should you consider when using this strategy

As in any digital strategy, it is necessary to maintain a consumer-oriented approach. A commitment to promoting better product experiences should be part of the company culture. To do this, development teams must have adequate tools to analyze user behavior. Without an investment in analytics, it is not possible to fully realize the potential of your product. Based on the data available in the intelligence reports, it is possible to make the necessary changes to improve the way users interact with the product. In this process.

Fitness for purpose

When developing your PX strategy, it is important to Job Function Email List consider fit for purpose, that is, whether the product has the necessary features to meet user needs. Sensory design Sensory design refers to how the product attracts the consumer, whether through its visual, tactile, sound, etc. appearance. Usability The greater the usability of the product, the more satisfied the consumer will be. This factor refers to the ease that the user finds when using the product.

How are other brands using the PX

Now that you understand what EA Leads product experience is. Its importance, and what you should consider when implementing your strategy, let’s look at some practical examples. One of the main concerns of e-commerce customers is regret after making a purchase. With this in mind, L’oreal’s PX team has developed a creative way to deal with the situation. They have designed software that allows potential customers to try products before purchasing; all in a completely virtual way. How does it work? Through an interactive platform based on artificial intelligence principles.

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