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How we support companies and accounting professionals in the crisis

How we support companies Working with accounting in the coronavirus crisis is the biggest challenge of our careers. See how we help accountants. Working with accounting in the coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented challenge, and we have just witnessed that it is possible to emerge stronger from this moment with the pequenagrande campaign . Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been thinking about ways to help small businesses and accounting firms get through this critical phase, and now we’re reaping the rewards of this great initiative. In just over three months, we reached more than 200,000 people with our online courses, tools and exclusive guides that cover everything from immediate cash control to post-crisis recovery. In the same period, 700 hero accountants from all over Brazil signed our manifesto and pledged to save small businesses with the best market practices.

Want to Share These Results with You and Talk

I about Conta Azul’s plans to continue transforming the country through entrepreneurship . I hope reading it inspires you to face the crisis with even more determination and consultative, strategic and efficient accounting. How #pequenagrande gave prominence to  Thailand Phone Number Data  accounting in the crisis The mission of accounting in the crisis is to help entrepreneurs (especially small ones) overcome this difficult period and make way for the post-pandemic market. With that in mind, we at Conta Azul created the #pequenagrande campaign in two versions: for small entrepreneurs who need support to survive the crisis and for hero accountants who are willing to save small Brazilian businesses. With the motto “It’s the small company that makes Brazil great”, we mobilize accountants to assume their consultative role and guide their clients in a personalized way, helping to keep the cashier healthy and the company open.

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Small businesses represent of organizations

The country and generate more than half of jobs, and were the most affected by the economic stoppage. Since April 2020, we have provided online courses, tools and complete guides on how to take care of the cashier, consciously raise credit, find hidden opportunities in the crisis, among other practical short-term actions. And of course, we call on hero accountants to EA Leads sign our manifesto and save small businesses, and we also strengthen accounting offices with exclusive content on digital accounting , customer service and strategic management. All this 100% online and free, so that everyone could have access with a simple registration on the site. Accounting in the crisis: 6 exclusive contents to deal well with the moment During our campaign, we released several exclusive content to save the small business and improve accounting solutions in the crisis.

How to show the value of your work using reports in accounting

Accounting reports guide the company’s management and show the value of its work to the customer. See how to use. Knowing how to use accounting reports to help and impress the client is a great differential of the consultant accountant . I, Pablo Rodrigues, can say this because I command the first company to be certified as a Diamond level partner of Conta Azul — ContabilizaRio . After evolving into digital accounting , I started to use the power of numbers to guide my clients’ decisions and change the trajectory of their businesses. Today, I’m going to share that experience with you and explain how to use and present accounting reporting to support your clients. The content that you are going to read below is part of the complete training of Conta Azul on Value Strategies to use in a crisis.

Available in the online course How to use

Reports to help and impress your client. Read carefully and learn how to show the value of your work. Importance of reports in accounting Accounting reports are key enablers in the conversation between accountants and clients. With the role of the consultant accountant on the rise, these numbers and graphs are essential to inform the client about the  Taiwan Phone Number Data  financial position of his company and guide the decision-making process. And the process has become much faster and more practical with the advancement of technology, which allows you to generate reports in seconds and have all the information available in real time. At my company, for example, the biggest pain for accountants at the beginning was dealing with overdue accounting and having to generate income reports for all clients at the time of Income Tax.

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The Conta Azul platform we have the data

Ready to send to the client immediately, such as the profit distribution for the earnings report. This saves accountants time and allows the team to focus on strategy instead of wasting hours on repetitive tasks. For this reason, reports must be a priority in the relationship with the client and serve as a basis for consultative accounting . How and when to EA Leads file reports in accounting Accounting reports must be presented according to the needs of your clients and the firm’s strategy . For example, my tactic is to send an informative email with the main accounting reports (general balance, cash flow, account position, etc.) periodically according to the size of the company. For smaller companies, a monthly newsletter is enough to understand the financial performance.

Financial BPO: where to start implementing this service?

The Financial BPO is your opportunity to take over the client’s financial management and expand your business. See where to start. Financial BPO is a high-value service that can boost your accounting firm’s growth and expand its horizons. After all, if you already take care of your clients’ tax, corporate and labor issues, why not take on strategic support in financial management and strengthen this relationship even further ? This is the opportunity that outsourcing the financial sector brings to accountants, with advantages ranging from increased revenue to market differentiation. Interested in following this trend ? So, keep reading to understand what Financial BPO means and how to implement the service. What does Financial BPO mean? Financial BPO is a financial management outsourcing solution for companies.

The acronym BPO comes from the English Business

Process Outsourcing or Business Process Outsourcing: a global trend of transferring administrative areas to third-party companies. Therefore, the Financial BPO concerns specifically the finance area, which is now managed externally, acting as one of the pillars of support for decision-making. And nobody better than the accounting firm to take  Sweden Phone Number Data  over the financial management of its clients and offer a complete service , taking advantage of the proximity to the accounts, equity, cash flow and really knowing how your business works. For this reason, more and more offices and accountants offer the Financial BPO as part of their portfolio of premium services and help companies to keep their finances not only up to date, but also bringing a future vision of the viability of the business.

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This opportunity arose with the advancement

The vision of consultative accounting, which positions the accountant as a strategic partner of the company and opens up space for expanding services to a financial sector that we classify as strategic. In addition, entrepreneurs have been looking for EA Leads solutions that help them to focus more on the core business (main activity) of the business. In this way, they can outsource important but secondary activities such as financial management, which is then handled by specialist accountants in the function. How to know if the client needs the Financial BPO There are some clear signs that your customers are in demand for a Financial BPO solution. The first is the absence of a team or internal professional dedicated to the financial area, in the case of companies with reduced personnel and lean structure. Another evidence is the difficulty in maintaining an efficient financial management process.

Online accounting course: 6 steps to go digital

An online accounting course can be the accelerator that was needed to move faster towards the digital age. Prepared? An online accounting course can be the first step in transforming your accounting business and accelerating your growth in the digital age. Today, embracing new technologies and going beyond traditional accounting services is a must for accountants who want to stand out and gain a competitive advantage. But to go digital, you need to understand how to use the internet to make your work more agile and productive . If this mission seems complicated, don’t worry: we’ve created a quick online accounting course full of tips for you to go deeper into the subject and evolve your business. Read to the end and understand the importance of this transformation and the best way to become an online accountant.

Why take an online accounting course

Taking an online accounting course is a great step in an accountant ‘s career and a strategy to accelerate accounting companies. The crisis we are facing only reinforces the need to automate processes and accelerate our digital transformation, but this was already the market’s fate a few years ago. In Sage’s 2019 global report , for example, 90% of accountants  Switzerland Phone Number Data  confirmed the existence of a “cultural revolution” in the market, driven by technology and the consultative approach. At the same time, the domain of technology appeared as one of the main skills required of the modern accountant, in addition to providing consulting services and business knowledge. Soon, online accounting training ceased to be optional and became a criterion to gain competitive advantage and keep your business relevant in the market.

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Far beyond teaching how to deal with technological solutions

This course changes the way you work and paves the way for more agile, efficient and strategic accounting . What you learn in the online accounting course Before taking the online accounting course, it is important to understand what this training is all about. To begin with, let’s make it clear that doing accounting online does not necessarily EA Leads mean having a “virtual office”. Serving customers only from a distance is possible, but it is not a premise for doing online accounting. Online accounting consists of the accountant using digital platforms to manage the clients’ accounting, tax and personal department. Another important point is that the accountant’s work will not be replaced by software in this new way of working. Quite the contrary: the tools and methods that you will learn about help streamline accounting routines and enhance your role as a professional.

Online accountant: 7 tools 6 opportunities and 3 challenges

Being an online accountant is the way to grow, prosper and innovate in the market. Learn about digital tools and opportunities. Online accountant is the profession of the present and the future of our market. Those who do not adapt may end up being left behind. In conclusion, While the traditional accountant spends a lot of time taking care of the client’s routine and dealing with repetitive tasks, the digital accountant is several steps ahead with its automated tasks, personalized service and consultative accounting. In conclusion, It is clear that businessmen prefer accountants who work more efficiently, provide services via the internet and support their management with real-time information. Therefore, we are going to explore the challenges and opportunities that online accountants face in the market, in addition to suggesting some tools to facilitate their transition.

Who is the online accountant Online accountant

Browse the topics in our guide: vs traditional accountant 6 opportunities. For the online accountant 3 challenges for the online accountant 7 tools. For the online accountant What are the biggest challenges? Great ally of online accounting Read carefully and understand why digital is the right platform for the profession. In conclusion, Who is the online  Spain Phone Number Data  accountant The online accountant is one that embraces the innovation of the digital. Age to deliver more value to customers and provide differentiated services . With the support of technology, it eliminates rework, speeds up administrative processes. Speeds up data exchange and is completely integrated with the client’s management. In this way, the online accountant becomes an advisory support platform for the entrepreneur. Instead of focusing on bureaucratic and fiscal tasks, he gains space and time to provide all the support the client needs to deal with numbers.

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Financial issues and strategic aspects of the business

Online accountant vs traditional accountant Now that we know. In conclusion, The figure of the online accountant, how about understanding the differences. In their work and performance in relation to the traditional accountant, who uses less technology and automation in their routine? You don’t have to go very far to understand that EA Leads the traditional accountant. Will lose more and more space to the online accountant. Since the future is digital, and bureaucracy is being left behind. Today, new entrepreneurs are looking for accountants adapted to the current reality. Who manage to keep up with the pace of the market and meet the needs of the company in real time. At the same time, accountants themselves no longer want to deal with the paperwork, repetitive tasks and difficult client communication typical of the traditional office.

How to open a ready to service accounting office

How open ready accounting Opening an accounting firm requires planning, a new look at technology and special attention to the customer experience. Check out essential tips for achieving your own business in the accounting area. Many university students in the field of accounting, because they are constantly studying. Companies and their results, end up awakening the entrepreneurial instinct. On the other hand, they are also aware of the great difficulty of undertaking in Brazil, whose bureaucracy can generate great fears when taking the plans off paper. But it is precisely at this point that planning, resilience and the courage to absorb risks must come into play. Only then, it is possible to assume the responsibilities of starting and maintaining your own accounting business . In this article, we will address four essential tips for you, student or accounting professional, to open your business safely and with quality.

How to prepare before opening your accounting office?

First of all, you need to consider a diagnosis and planning of your personal financial life . You must map all financial inputs and outputs and initiate a process of maximum cost reduction. Get rid of unnecessary debt and raise the maximum amount of capital, whether from termination, the sale of an asset or a loan. Diagnosis is essential so you don’t have  South Africa Phone Number Data  surprises if something doesn’t go as planned. It is advisable that you build a fund that supports your needs for 12 months. For example, if you have a cost of living of R$2,500/month, ideally you should have saved R$30,000. Remember to consider all essential costs such as rent, electricity, water, food, fuel and others. Tip 2: What does the accounting company need to have to start operations? The second tip is also linked to diagnosis, survey and mapping of needs.

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The Entire Structure Aimed at Growth

You need to focus on the accounting firm: think about what you need to have at least to get your operation up and running. It is interesting to note that there is currently a lower requirement for this. With the expansion of technological access , variables have EA Leads become unnecessary to start operations and this leads to a reduction in some costs. Like, for example, rent, paper storage, and even office supplies. Therefore, it is advisable to have, at least, a computer/notebook with quality for data processing, an accounting system for entering information and a good internet connection. Great care must be taken when classifying. For the company and the individual. It is up to the entrepreneur to segregate expenses that are used professionally and personally — especially if the initial headquarters is his own residence.

Black Friday for accountants: how to guide your clients in 2020?

Black Friday accountants The accountant can make a difference on Black Friday for your customers. For this, it is necessary to assume once and for all the role of strategic ally of the entrepreneur. Inventory, margins, discounts, and tax planning are just four of the areas you can help with . Perhaps this assistance seems simple to a professional like you, familiar with financial and tax issues, but this will not be the perception of your customers. After all, reducing the margin of error and adequate preparation can be decisive for success or failure in sales on such an important day as this one. So, how about rolling up your sleeves and creating your consultancy project for Black Friday 2020 and other sales ? In the next few lines, we are going to give.

Will Exceed Expectations and Be the Biggest Black

You some ideas that can be put into practice for different clients. Simply adapting them according to the characteristics of each one. Black Friday 2020 Black Friday 2020 is scheduled for and promises to break sales records. Even in a global  Singapore Phone Number Data  pandemic scenario. If we consider that Black Friday 2019 increased e-commerce results by 23%. Was considered “the best in 10 years”, it is quite likely that the 2020 edition Friday of all time . Accountant role on Black Friday First, it’s important to remember. Black Friday is the name given to the day after the Thanksgiving. Holiday in the United States (celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November), when a season of sales. With big discounts before Christmas begins in stores . The event was originally named that way because many Americans.

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Which Led to Traffic Accidents and Sometimes

Went shopping that day, even violence. Although thanksgiving day is not a tradition in brazil and the discount season. Doesn’t always start on a friday, black friday has become increasingly popular here in recent years. But the truth is that not every company or store owner knows how to take advantage of this auspicious sales period. There are those who sin by trying to EA Leads deceive the consumer with false promotions or by not carrying out adequate planning . Planning, incidentally, is the key word for success on black friday. It is at this point that the accountant comes in, with the role of guiding and protecting the companies that jump into this wave of sales with super discounts . After all, apart from the sales themselves, entrepreneurs and shopkeepers have to deal with a series of processes in the pre- and post-sales periods that can be quite confusing and stressful.

Financial BPO: organization and tools to scale

Financial BPO organization It is not enough to offer a good Financial BPO service , it is also necessary to think about processes and scale. After all, every accounting company wants sustainable growth that impacts the routine of companies. This article contains basic tips on how to continue offering process outsourcing and how to increase productivity in favor of scalability. What is Financial BPO? To understand Financial BPO , you first need to know the meaning of its acronym. From English Business Process Outsourcing , BPO can be translated as Outsourcing of Business Processes. Therefore, the Financial BPO is the Outsourcing of the Financial Tasks of a company. This type of service is on the rise in the Brazilian market, due to the demand from companies that are looking for a more efficient Financial Management.

The most common services provided by a Financial

BPO company are: Cash flow control Management of accounts payable and receivable Bank reconciliation Issuance of slips Issuance of Invoice Box closing Financial document management Financial reports Financial BPO is something  Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data  relatively new in Brazil. This is a service that few business owners are used to hearing about. For example, the BPO service is not as common as the services that an accountant provides. However, some entrepreneurs are already looking for and offering this service, mainly Accounting offices, which are the main players in this market. BPO: what is the companies? Accounting offices that are only concerned with delivering ancillary obligations to their clients, in the old and traditional way, will certainly lose clients over time. Today, with Digital Accounting , in addition to the dynamism of the market and companies, accountants must help their clients in managing their business.

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Whether with guidance on the best taxation model

Hiring employees and even with Financial Management, in this case the Financial BPO. The Financial BPO has a very positive impact on accounting companies, because with this service it is possible to help customers more, increasing the perception of value of the services you provide. To give you an idea, these are some of the benefits for your office EA Leads by offering the service: Increased efficiency and productivity Faster and more accurate information Increased legal certainty Added value to your services revenue increase financial security Optimization of document management That said, it’s clear why you should start structuring your company and study more about BPO processes. What are the benefits of BPO for small and medium-sized companies? Financial BPO is advantageous for both customers and companies that offer this service.

The importance of the Culture of Innovation in organizations

The importance of The culture of innovation is the term of the moment in the daily life of companies. Talking about innovation in the business world in the current context has been essential, as no company wants to become outdated, forgotten or even lose its turn. We are situated in a period of rapid change. Many organizations have found it difficult to adapt to new times and maintain their business in a sustainable way. In a very concrete way, innovation depends on some important points, but it must start from a stimulus: an environment that is 100% favorable to the new and that does not massacre the creative potential of the people involved in the process. It’s not about but forgetting traditionalism and fostering a culture of innovation . How to build a culture of innovation Like any disruptive process , building a culture of innovation is not simple.

Designing an innovation project involves transforming

Creative ideas into business even transforming products and services so that they become more effective. There are 5 useful and practical points that can be applied to your team. 1. Encourage new research When we carry out research, we acquire importance  Russia Phone Number Data  new knowledge, investigations, explore new possibilities, inquiries and interviews. A good entrepreneur and innovator is a good researcher, as research brings us clarity and enables us to understand the current scenario. Want to be a good entrepreneur? Start by searching a lot . 2. Break obstacles that are conservative It can be said that this practice is related to those attitudes in which we need to “think outside the box”. The process may seem complex, but applying some brainstorming dynamics and removing some limiting beliefs will help the team to be freer in finding new ways to solve problems.

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The leader’s role is paramount at this stage

Stimulate good ideas, precisely because he must explore the best creative potential of the team. The leader must provide that people have space to create. It is necessary to encourage new attitudes even if people make mistakes. The mistake is a learning EA Leads process and in the process of creating ideas. Fear cannot be a blockade for the team. Last but not least, it is necessary to have a network of relationships to carry out. The necessary evaluations, as there is no Innovation point in having countless creative and innovative ideas if there is no practical applicability. 4. Analyze and bring metrics focused on values Regardless of the business area, analyzing data that indicate the behavior of your actions vis -à-vis the target audience or the performance of a team is essential.

Accounting marketing and the importance of the customer journey

This is a common problem for many accounting entrepreneurs. To start doing your accounting marketing effectively, you need to know a key concept: the customer journey . And why is this customer journey so important? Let’s get to the concept: imagine the path your client takes, from when he becomes your client until the moment he leaves your client base . This entry, stay, and exit from the office base is what we call the accounting customer journey. It is necessary to understand that the customer journey is different from the accounting operation . This is because the accounting operation will happen at the moment your client converts to your accounting, that is, as soon as the service starts you have the accounting operation to serve that client.

This operation can be the opening of the company

The operational area that will serve the customer. And that’s where the big leap is: in the customer journey, this process begins before operational service. The customer journey actually begins with the attraction process. Phase 1: Attraction To attract a customer, you need to understand what makes sense to him, what pain he has. However, more important than  Qatar Phone Number Data  knowing, is understanding how your accounting company (among many other options on the market) solves these problems. The journey requires you to know as much as possible about your client’s profile. It is important to understand (if you work with different segments) that you will find different customer profiles along this path. You will have different problems to resolve, so the communication process will be different for each type of customer.

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The Customer Journey You Will Master These Subjects

By knowing about and, with that, you will have subsidies to establish a more effective accounting marketing process . To establish a process and use social networks to publicize and attract your services, you must be able to EA Leads  answer questions such as: Which social networks will I use? Does my client connect better with which network? How does he behave on social media? Where is he on this social network? And, if you don’t want to go online, and work only offline : Where does this customer go? What types of events is he at? Where does he look for guidance? What does he read? These are some elements that you need to know how to respond to in order to attract your client in this initial phase.

Sales and Service Promotions: How Can an Accountant Help Customers

Black Friday is coming and we have optimistic forecasts for the market in 2020, even in the midst of a pandemic. But, just like this important time of year, there are several other opportunities for entrepreneurs to create sales and service promotions, and increase revenue. Did you know that one of the elements of the consultant accountant is their proximity to customers and their ability to help them achieve better results? In this content you will learn, in practice, how to make a strategy to help your client and consequently lead your company to have better results. 3 tips to help your customers strategically video content One way to create proximity with your customer and help identify promotional opportunities, especially on commemorative dates, is to produce video content. Of course, this type of production requires a little more dedication and advance notice.

We Noticed That a Large Part of the Customers

You can use your own cell phone, use themed accessories and bet on a good pitch to attract attention. Make yourself available to help so that your client has better results. Talk about market perspectives, the importance of having a plan and how your accounting can be a partner in these actions. With that, you’re reminding your client and calling their attention to a possibility. Often, the entrepreneur can be immersed in so many tasks and not even have time to think of something innovative. You need to show him that he can get results and he can always count on your help. personalized email Another possibility is to make a direct approach via email. You can say, for example: “ will work on this special date in a strategic way to sell more / provide more services, and we make ourselves available.

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That Serves to Serve Several Customers

Their demand it is possible to that you and your team are willing to contribute. It’s also worth inserting a call to action (call to action) at the end, so that he gets in touch. You will have to establish which is the best strategy to use, but you must, above all, have a good approach. Think of a good subject line, a short and direct text and a closing. Make a quick diagnosis Take advantage of these and other channels to question and provoke reflection from your client: What kind of products he can use in the promotion; If he has done any promotional strategy before; If he has any specific questions. In this quick diagnosis, you will give this client the opportunity to express himself more explicitly. From this, it will be possible to establish an action plan and it will be the basis of your work.


Innovation for entrepreneurs How to innovate and grow your business?

Innovation for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is a very recurrent theme in the business world, after all, innovating is always linked to greater growth and the ability to reach more people and expand. But what does it mean to put innovation into practice in your company? Is there some kind of formula to deliver something more innovative to your customers, whether in products or even in services provided? Innovation for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is a very recurring theme in the business world, after all, innovating is always linked to greater growth and the ability to reach more people and expand . But what does it mean to put innovation into practice in your company? Is there some kind of formula to deliver something more innovative to your customers, whether in products or even in services provided in partnership with Conta Azul.

What Innovation Is in a Practical Way

Brings below some relevant information about and how it can be inserted. In your business without this necessarily meaning a very high investment. Check it out below. What does innovation mean for entrepreneurs? When we think of innovation, the first thing that comes to mind is the high investment in technology , in products that are completely  Poland Phone Number Data  different from those we already offer our customers services and that, sometimes, are not in our list of knowledge. We also think about other types of concepts that, in reality, have nothing to do with the innovation for entrepreneurs that we are going to talk about here. In general, innovating does not mean “reinventing the wheel” , investing a lot of money in technology or even introducing a new product to the market.

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A good example of this is in the accounting sector

Which began to invest more in digital processes to deliver. Documents to its clients remotely, much faster, more securely and at lower costs. This is innovating and the accounts that are more digital today are also the most innovative! However, they don’t need to EA Leads invent these processes, as all these tools are available in the market. They just take what’s best and integrate their companies. This example applies to any company. To innovate, you don’t need to create new processes, you can just take advantage. Those that are already available in the market so that your company. Can differentiate itself from the others and deliver a higher quality service to its customers. To better exemplify how the innovation process works for entrepreneurs, below are some. Tips that can help a lot to clarify the ideas of those who are reading this article.