Create a secret board on Pinterest

Create a secret board on Pinterest

Create a secret , What is a secret board on Pinterest? A secret board is a hidden place within your own profile and out of reach or view of other Pinterest users. where you can store your most intimate images or pins. Therefore, This type of private boardsAllows you to have a space, like a hard drive, to which only you or the people you want to invite will have access. Summarizing the topic a little.  And as they tell us from the same social network. They are designed for users who do not want to make too much noise or keep some of their favorite ideas.

Frequently asked questions

How do you create a secret email leads board on Pinterest? If you are thinking of creating a hidden board.   To make one or, what is the same, secretly transform one of our new boards. Just activate the option “Do you want it to be secret?” that Pinterest offers you in the same creation process. How Do You Create a Secret Board on Pinterest? As we have already said. Hidden Pins that are added to one of those boards will not be visible anywhere else on this social network. This means they won’t be seen in search results.

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Categories your followers  home feed EA Lead or the Pins section of your profile. In order to find them you will have to go to the bottom of your account yourself (you just have to slide to the bottom of your screen).  Therefore, Secret Board Location On Pinterest In addition . And as you can see in the following screenshot. You have more diverse options when creating one of those secret boards. Secret Board Options On Pinterest 1) Choose who else can see and add images to them.

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