Fernando Tellado December 9, 2022

Fernando Tellado December 9, 2022

Fernando Tellado December 9, 2022. 22 steps to Protect WordPress: Anti-hacker security. We have made a compilation of recommendations to protect your WordPress as much as possible . Being the most used content manager in the world, it is quite common for you to receive attacks from hackers, brute force and robots. If you have all the options checked by default, you could have a security problem that leaves you without a website or that includes malicious code. See which of these actions you can do to be much more protected.

Don't use the wp_ prefix for the database

Don’t use the wp_ prefix for the database. From the first moment of installing WordPress you have to specify a series of information that you have to enter so that WordPress communicates with the database. Most of this information is provided to you by your hosting provider, such as the database name email database username and password. But there is a decision to make: decide the prefix of the tables that will be created for WordPress. And, of course, this is something that every hacker knows, and it is free information that we give to any potential attacker.

Do not use the admin user to access WordPress

Do not use the admin user to access WordPress. Another decision that we have to make during the installation of WordPress is the name of the first user to access the administration of our website , a user who by default will have full EA Leads management permissions. For years WordPress has offered a default username which, of course, you should not use. So when choosing the name of your first user to access WordPress.

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