How to edit posts with links and photos from my Facebook

How to edit posts with links and photos from my Facebook

Do you want to modify a Facebook post? Editing the text in posts with photos on my Facebook. Whether we are talking about a personal profile or a company page. Has been an option that has been in force for quite some time. Although the availability of that same function to change text and other issues in different post formats (or modify a status update as a link) I would say that not much more than a year ago we were also allowed to edit almost any type of publication that we will make on this social network.

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This is a topic that I wrote about email database at that time (Finally! My Facebook allows me to edit posts) and that continues to receive hundreds of daily visits to the blog today. In recent months. And as is usual when entering Facebook. We see that this function has undergone some updates and slight improvements that have gone almost unnoticed by many of us (especially for the non-professional user). As I said. Despite having talked about it. I think that without a doubt today it is time to update this topic to try to include those changes and optimizations that have been generated during all that time.

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Furthermore, seeing the questions that EA Lead blog readers still leave (in the comments or by email), and how in demand that previous post continues to be, I have come to the conclusion that editing a status update on our profiles or pages company is currently a mystery for many users of that social network. Example: Facebook photo posts Example of Posts as Facebook Photos So, as a result of all these reasons that I tell you. it occurred to me to write a new guide .

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