How we support companies and accounting professionals in the crisis

How we support companies and accounting professionals in the crisis

How we support companies Working with accounting in the coronavirus crisis is the biggest challenge of our careers. See how we help accountants. Working with accounting in the coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented challenge, and we have just witnessed that it is possible to emerge stronger from this moment with the pequenagrande campaign . Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been thinking about ways to help small businesses and accounting firms get through this critical phase, and now we’re reaping the rewards of this great initiative. In just over three months, we reached more than 200,000 people with our online courses, tools and exclusive guides that cover everything from immediate cash control to post-crisis recovery. In the same period, 700 hero accountants from all over Brazil signed our manifesto and pledged to save small businesses with the best market practices.

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I about Conta Azul’s plans to continue transforming the country through entrepreneurship . I hope reading it inspires you to face the crisis with even more determination and consultative, strategic and efficient accounting. How #pequenagrande gave prominence to  Thailand Phone Number Data  accounting in the crisis The mission of accounting in the crisis is to help entrepreneurs (especially small ones) overcome this difficult period and make way for the post-pandemic market. With that in mind, we at Conta Azul created the #pequenagrande campaign in two versions: for small entrepreneurs who need support to survive the crisis and for hero accountants who are willing to save small Brazilian businesses. With the motto “It’s the small company that makes Brazil great”, we mobilize accountants to assume their consultative role and guide their clients in a personalized way, helping to keep the cashier healthy and the company open.

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The country and generate more than half of jobs, and were the most affected by the economic stoppage. Since April 2020, we have provided online courses, tools and complete guides on how to take care of the cashier, consciously raise credit, find hidden opportunities in the crisis, among other practical short-term actions. And of course, we call on hero accountants to EA Leads sign our manifesto and save small businesses, and we also strengthen accounting offices with exclusive content on digital accounting , customer service and strategic management. All this 100% online and free, so that everyone could have access with a simple registration on the site. Accounting in the crisis: 6 exclusive contents to deal well with the moment During our campaign, we released several exclusive content to save the small business and improve accounting solutions in the crisis.

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