Black Friday for accountants: how to guide your clients in 2020?

Black Friday accountants The accountant can make a difference on Black Friday for your customers. For this, it is necessary to assume once and for all the role of strategic ally of the entrepreneur. Inventory, margins, discounts, and tax planning are just four of the areas you can help with . Perhaps this assistance seems simple to a professional like you, familiar with financial and tax issues, but this will not be the perception of your customers. After all, reducing the margin of error and adequate preparation can be decisive for success or failure in sales on such an important day as this one. So, how about rolling up your sleeves and creating your consultancy project for Black Friday 2020 and other sales ? In the next few lines, we are going to give.

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You some ideas that can be put into practice for different clients. Simply adapting them according to the characteristics of each one. Black Friday 2020 Black Friday 2020 is scheduled for and promises to break sales records. Even in a global  Singapore Phone Number Data  pandemic scenario. If we consider that Black Friday 2019 increased e-commerce results by 23%. Was considered “the best in 10 years”, it is quite likely that the 2020 edition Friday of all time . Accountant role on Black Friday First, it’s important to remember. Black Friday is the name given to the day after the Thanksgiving. Holiday in the United States (celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November), when a season of sales. With big discounts before Christmas begins in stores . The event was originally named that way because many Americans.

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Went shopping that day, even violence. Although thanksgiving day is not a tradition in brazil and the discount season. Doesn’t always start on a friday, black friday has become increasingly popular here in recent years. But the truth is that not every company or store owner knows how to take advantage of this auspicious sales period. There are those who sin by trying to EA Leads deceive the consumer with false promotions or by not carrying out adequate planning . Planning, incidentally, is the key word for success on black friday. It is at this point that the accountant comes in, with the role of guiding and protecting the companies that jump into this wave of sales with super discounts . After all, apart from the sales themselves, entrepreneurs and shopkeepers have to deal with a series of processes in the pre- and post-sales periods that can be quite confusing and stressful.

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