Sales and Service Promotions: How Can an Accountant Help Customers

Sales and Service Promotions: How Can an Accountant Help Customers

Black Friday is coming and we have optimistic forecasts for the market in 2020, even in the midst of a pandemic. But, just like this important time of year, there are several other opportunities for entrepreneurs to create sales and service promotions, and increase revenue. Did you know that one of the elements of the consultant accountant is their proximity to customers and their ability to help them achieve better results? In this content you will learn, in practice, how to make a strategy to help your client and consequently lead your company to have better results. 3 tips to help your customers strategically video content One way to create proximity with your customer and help identify promotional opportunities, especially on commemorative dates, is to produce video content. Of course, this type of production requires a little more dedication and advance notice.

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You can use your own cell phone, use themed accessories and bet on a good pitch to attract attention. Make yourself available to help so that your client has better results. Talk about market perspectives, the importance of having a plan and how your accounting can be a partner in these actions. With that, you’re reminding your client and calling their attention to a possibility. Often, the entrepreneur can be immersed in so many tasks and not even have time to think of something innovative. You need to show him that he can get results and he can always count on your help. personalized email Another possibility is to make a direct approach via email. You can say, for example: “ will work on this special date in a strategic way to sell more / provide more services, and we make ourselves available.

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Their demand it is possible to that you and your team are willing to contribute. It’s also worth inserting a call to action (call to action) at the end, so that he gets in touch. You will have to establish which is the best strategy to use, but you must, above all, have a good approach. Think of a good subject line, a short and direct text and a closing. Make a quick diagnosis Take advantage of these and other channels to question and provoke reflection from your client: What kind of products he can use in the promotion; If he has done any promotional strategy before; If he has any specific questions. In this quick diagnosis, you will give this client the opportunity to express himself more explicitly. From this, it will be possible to establish an action plan and it will be the basis of your work.


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