Accounting marketing and the importance of the customer journey

This is a common problem for many accounting entrepreneurs. To start doing your accounting marketing effectively, you need to know a key concept: the customer journey . And why is this customer journey so important? Let’s get to the concept: imagine the path your client takes, from when he becomes your client until the moment he leaves your client base . This entry, stay, and exit from the office base is what we call the accounting customer journey. It is necessary to understand that the customer journey is different from the accounting operation . This is because the accounting operation will happen at the moment your client converts to your accounting, that is, as soon as the service starts you have the accounting operation to serve that client.

This operation can be the opening of the company

The operational area that will serve the customer. And that’s where the big leap is: in the customer journey, this process begins before operational service. The customer journey actually begins with the attraction process. Phase 1: Attraction To attract a customer, you need to understand what makes sense to him, what pain he has. However, more important than  Qatar Phone Number Data  knowing, is understanding how your accounting company (among many other options on the market) solves these problems. The journey requires you to know as much as possible about your client’s profile. It is important to understand (if you work with different segments) that you will find different customer profiles along this path. You will have different problems to resolve, so the communication process will be different for each type of customer.

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The Customer Journey You Will Master These Subjects

By knowing about and, with that, you will have subsidies to establish a more effective accounting marketing process . To establish a process and use social networks to publicize and attract your services, you must be able to EA Leads  answer questions such as: Which social networks will I use? Does my client connect better with which network? How does he behave on social media? Where is he on this social network? And, if you don’t want to go online, and work only offline : Where does this customer go? What types of events is he at? Where does he look for guidance? What does he read? These are some elements that you need to know how to respond to in order to attract your client in this initial phase.

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