When you finish your story add a Call to Action

When you finish your story add a Call to Action

 Why is a professional and engaging “About Me” so important? Apart from what was mentioned above, another point to highlight about the importance of this page is that, after reading an “about me” that impacts them, the user usually to obtain more information. If you have an optimized. Professional and purposeful “who I am”, you will have left a CTA. That redirects that user to your services or contact page. And that is where the potential client decides. Whether to hire your services or not.If the person reading your story identifies with it, do not doubt that they will contact you.

When you redirects 

Therefore, I think it is a page of great email leads importance for your personal strategy and project . I know that we are too lazy to optimize this page because we think it is a waste of time. If people want, they will ask you for more information. But it’s not like that. I’ll tell you my example. Before I had the current “about me” page, I had one with 300 words (more or less), more similar to my resume , all very summarized and without chicha. What was happening? Well, the permanence rate on that page was 10-15 seconds on average. And worse, I barely received any emails regarding my services.People are not looking for perfect professionals, they want to reflect on your story. They want to find a point of connection, someone who understands their problems and needs. 

Personal Brand

Can be very important to enhance our Personal EA Leads Brand, and at the same time it is very necessary to generate trust, closeness and transmit credibility to our professional profile and with it, achieve greater effectiveness. People are tired of reaching websites that are copies of copies. Everything too professional and repetitive. If you want to create something unique, that transmits your essence and creates an emotional connection with your readers, the best thing you can do is tell your Storytelling. Our transformation as a professional. If you also add a video so they can see you in action much better.

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