We are all vain and quickly fall into the temptations

We are all vain and quickly fall into the temptations

The first of these actions is to focus on the results. We are all vain and quickly fall into the temptations of the ego. We all love to immerse ourselves in popularity figures and we are fascinated by working on things that are useless for the business. This is why the precise delimitation of the objectives and the selection of the indicators that will be used to determine if we are on the right path is very important. Get off the path to popularity—the one that everyone takes—and take the path of business objectives. That’s what’s best to stay away from mistakes. The next step in the task is to attend only to what is relevant. Many companies—paying lip service—talk about this, but inside they are still immersed in discussions about the number of followers.

Who first used the term information architecture

But it was founder of ted talks. Who first used the term information business database architecture in his book. Information architects . However it was not until 1998 that louis and peter published information architecture for the world wide web —known as the “polar bear book.” in that document, the term was adapted to the field of website design and the foundations of this discipline were laid. Since then, the main objective of information architecture was to facilitate understanding and assimilation for the consumption and organization of information and to understand the tasks that users execute in a defined information space.

From unproductive discussions to focus on

Addressing what’s important means moving away. From unproductive EA Leads discussions to focus on creating. executing, and optimizing a true strategy. And this must go hand in hand with the construction of short, medium and long-term plans. Finally, the third action that requires your attention to avoid errors is the allocation and execution of budget resources for the social network. Currently, you won’t achieve much on facebook if you don’t invest money. Organic reach has been dying for a long.

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