Collect orders quickly by having the complete situation

Anticipate the customer’s nes thanks to the prictive analysis of his nes: the agent enters the customer with the proposal of items that satisfy his nes at that precise moment. Taking into account what and how much he has purchas in the past. But also the goods in delivery and relat products useful for your proposal;
Collect orders quickly by having the complete situation of previous orders and the history of turnover/collections available;
Check the product mix in real time and correct the order to improve the marginality index;

Receive training and negotiation assistance

Receive training and negotiation assistance in real time from the area manager/sales office via instant messaging;
Keep an eye on the situation of your customer base via a constantly updat dashboard with new and lost customers and the profitability of each customer;
Know the sales commissions and the status of personal objectives in real time .

Sav for the company new data
While the agent is able to improve his productivity over time even if he is a beginner. The company reaps countless advantages such as :
Saving time . Contacts and emails between agent and sales office;

Management of the sales team of agents

Management of the sales team of agents/area managers and control of the performance of the sales force;
Support for coordination . Agent training and communication;
Control of sales and payment flows;
Setting sales force objectives ;
Setting and management of personaliz price lists.
The term business EA Leads intelligence refers to any type of technology. Software. Process or organizational model that allows a company to collect and structure its data assets and then analyze. Process and transform it into important information.

The addition of videos in the product

The addition of videos in the product or store sheets for the brand. These opportunities are. However. Deni to sellers who see simpler and smaller product pages.
When you have the opportunity to choose whether to be a vendor or seller. You ne to carry out an analysis of your brand. The strengths of your products and your resources. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the methods of selling on amazon depending on your profile.

If you ne support to exploit the full potential

If you ne support to exploit the full potential of the new data marketplace. Write to us at the email address: amazon@intempra.Com. We will be able to guide you. Step by step. In managing and optimizing your store on amazon!
A new recognition for intempra. A sign of a journey that does not stop. Made up of continuous and constant training and in-depth analysis . We have obtain the recognition of ” amazon advertising partner “. A certification that gives us the possibility of accessing data. Case studies. Best practices. Webinars and resources provid by amazon itself.

An opportunity that allows us to be constantly

An opportunity that allows us to be constantly updat. To study. To have interesting tools available to offer those who choose us a personaliz and innovative solution. According to the suggestions of the us e-commerce giant.
Being an “Amazon advertising partner” is tangible proof of a winning path and above all of daily work. Far from giving life to false and impossible promises.
Our intent is not to sell EA Leads courses or present ourselves as gurus: we are professionals who operate on the marketplace every day. Believe in hard work and boast an experience consisting of constant commitment and updating.

Local Health Authorities’ Communication on Social Media

 Local health authorities’ communication on social mia is not that social after all.  Health communication health promotion also passes through social networks. Let’s talk about local health authorities, hospitals, communication and social mia. If we look at the italian local health authorities, we can see that these pas,.  Despite having understood how important it is to promote health . Online and digitize their work through websites and social pages,.  Must improve the way they communicate on social mia. Where is the problem? What do we have to say? We’ve notic that healthcare companies aren’t using social mia the right way . 

Being on social media does not mean communicating digitally

A bit like many other public administrations , local health authorities also communicate.  On social networks in the old fashion way, unilaterally , with rigid.  And institutional tones. To ensure that the communication of the local health authorities.  On social mia is new data truly  social, it is necessary. To give a shake-up, because social platforms are a very useful tool with . Which to promote health, provide information and services, . Communicating on an equal basis with citizens – patients, without.  That ‘halo of superiority that administrations struggle to put aside. Being on social mia does not mean communicating digitally . Having a facebook, twitter or youtube page is a good starting point, but it’s not enough.

Digital health communication in a social key

To carry out effective digital health communication,.  We must first understand the new dynamics that digital. Has introduc into communication and break away from . . Traditional patterns. If health communication EA Leads wants to be social, . It must be bilateral, not unilateral and cannot use monologue .  The post shar by an asl on twitter, for example, is inde an official . Statement, but it is very different from that of the print paper ! It nes to be written differently, to open up dialogue and get people involv! From the social pages consult, it seems to us that the . Communication scheme is, instead, the one-to-many one.  In which one speaks to a large audience of people, who can only listen, without having an active role.

Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google analytics is a powerful data-driven marketing tool and can be an extremely handy resource in understanding the impact of your business’s promotional efforts. There are. However. Other analytics tools on the market that can help you transform insight into brand-boosting action. Each google analytics alternative in our list has features and functionality designe to dig deeper into your consumer data from several sources. Some of these tools offer free use while some are paid. Each tool on our list has slightly different unique selling points – so read through the options and gain a better understanding of which one will best suit your business’s nees.

 Why consider an alternative to google analytics

 Why consider an alternative to google analytics? While google analytics is a go-to tool for marketers new data looking to optimize their campaigns and communications. The recent move to ga4 has change the data-driven goal posts somewhat. Unlike google’s original ga platform (also known as universal analytics). Ga4 doesn’t track website visits or sessions. Instead. Ga4 measures mobile app and website engagements or interactions referre to as ‘events.’ the move to ga4 isn’t for everyone and if you’re looking to gather a well-rounde piece of the data-driven marketing pie. Considering an alternative to google analytics is a wise move. Read: a guide to ga4 vs universal analytics to uncover all you nee to know about the new version of google analytics.

Free alternative tools

new data

Free alternative tools to google analytics if ga4 isn’t for you or you’d like to broaden your horizons with some razor-sharp free analytical alternatives. Here are some tools you should consider. Statcounter statcounter is a tool that has been around for a while. But the user interface has remaine very simplistic. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad product (especially considering it’s a free google analytics alternative); it simply looks a little more ‘old school’ than some other tools. The top-level data you nee is all there. Providing insights into visits. Visitor paths. Popular EA Leads pages. Entrance- and exit-pages. Incoming keywords. And more.​ while it is a solid analytics option for marketers. It’s worth noting that in terms of segmentation. Goals. Campaign tracking.

It is a paid platform.

help share and grow knowlege globally. Choosing it for article submission can also be quite useful for you, as it is one of the top-rate sites for targeting the right kinds of audiences. It also ensures quite productive backlinking opportunities. Want to Know the Path to Become a Digital Marketing Expert? Join Free Digital Marketing Webinar and accelerate your career or business growth!

 Email Require It is a paid Email Phone

(Require) Phone * Steps to Follow After Submission.  & Approval of the Article Submitting an article on free article submission sites. Is a straightforward process if you keep in mind all the guidelines mentione above. After getting permission from the specific article submission  new data  sites.  You can increase your website or blog’s visibility by implementing specific other helpful steps. Some of them are mentione below- (i) One can submit the newly create backlinks receive from article submission sites to search engine submission sites. (ii) You can also ping your newly create backlinks to get them indexe by various search engines as soon as possible. (iii) Bookmarking your backlinks using various bookmarking websites and existing social meia profiles is a much-neee step to systematize the process of enhancing your blog’s popularity. (iv) One can also get high authority backlinks

By submitting their articles to high

new data

authority Directory submission sites. (v) It is often notice that people usually prefer visual content to written content. Keeping this thought in mind, various video EA Leads submission sites have also been develope. One can convert their content into videos and submit them on such websites. Article Submission Sites in India One of the significant advantages of the article submission technique is the availability

E-Gobi leads with a much more complete

This photo gallery is one of my favorites, and while it ranks last on this list, it is top for me because its images are so natural that they are far from the typical posing and over-prepared photos. They are, so to speak, very real images. Corporate Web Hosting Additional Image Libraries In this subsection, I decided to include some free image libraries that, according to my taste, do not have enough quality and modernity in this era, but I leave them here in case you are looking for a more“ retro” image for something special. Work.

Create the form: to do this you

 Sometimes we don’t need professional-quality photos, depending  new data   on what we’re working on, and it’s more natural to use more amateur-looking images. That’s why this mini-pick of image library is also useful for you. Free images In the “ retro” style image library group, we can include #, not because they are stylistic images, but because they are the type of images I used when I started working in graphic design in the early years, and it is worse than hitting my father.

must go to Capture > WhatsApp Form

 But hey, if you’re looking for images of impossible montage types that are right for you, I won’t force you not to use them . One of the tricks I use to determine the quality of photos in an image library is to search through the term “ Commercial”. If you  EA Leads  see pictures of graphic executives, men in ties shaking hands in a rococo-style office, or typical men in suits writing on a blackboard with icons stacked on! It is one of these image libraries.