Collect orders quickly by having the complete situation

Anticipate the customer’s nes thanks to the prictive analysis of his nes: the agent enters the customer with the proposal of items that satisfy his nes at that precise moment. Taking into account what and how much he has purchas in the past. But also the goods in delivery and relat products useful for your proposal;
Collect orders quickly by having the complete situation of previous orders and the history of turnover/collections available;
Check the product mix in real time and correct the order to improve the marginality index;

Receive training and negotiation assistance

Receive training and negotiation assistance in real time from the area manager/sales office via instant messaging;
Keep an eye on the situation of your customer base via a constantly updat dashboard with new and lost customers and the profitability of each customer;
Know the sales commissions and the status of personal objectives in real time .

Sav for the company new data
While the agent is able to improve his productivity over time even if he is a beginner. The company reaps countless advantages such as :
Saving time . Contacts and emails between agent and sales office;

Management of the sales team of agents

Management of the sales team of agents/area managers and control of the performance of the sales force;
Support for coordination . Agent training and communication;
Control of sales and payment flows;
Setting sales force objectives ;
Setting and management of personaliz price lists.
The term business EA Leads intelligence refers to any type of technology. Software. Process or organizational model that allows a company to collect and structure its data assets and then analyze. Process and transform it into important information.

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