Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google analytics is a powerful data-driven marketing tool and can be an extremely handy resource in understanding the impact of your business’s promotional efforts. There are. However. Other analytics tools on the market that can help you transform insight into brand-boosting action. Each google analytics alternative in our list has features and functionality designe to dig deeper into your consumer data from several sources. Some of these tools offer free use while some are paid. Each tool on our list has slightly different unique selling points – so read through the options and gain a better understanding of which one will best suit your business’s nees.

 Why consider an alternative to google analytics

 Why consider an alternative to google analytics? While google analytics is a go-to tool for marketers new data looking to optimize their campaigns and communications. The recent move to ga4 has change the data-driven goal posts somewhat. Unlike google’s original ga platform (also known as universal analytics). Ga4 doesn’t track website visits or sessions. Instead. Ga4 measures mobile app and website engagements or interactions referre to as ‘events.’ the move to ga4 isn’t for everyone and if you’re looking to gather a well-rounde piece of the data-driven marketing pie. Considering an alternative to google analytics is a wise move. Read: a guide to ga4 vs universal analytics to uncover all you nee to know about the new version of google analytics.

Free alternative tools

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Free alternative tools to google analytics if ga4 isn’t for you or you’d like to broaden your horizons with some razor-sharp free analytical alternatives. Here are some tools you should consider. Statcounter statcounter is a tool that has been around for a while. But the user interface has remaine very simplistic. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad product (especially considering it’s a free google analytics alternative); it simply looks a little more ‘old school’ than some other tools. The top-level data you nee is all there. Providing insights into visits. Visitor paths. Popular EA Leads pages. Entrance- and exit-pages. Incoming keywords. And more.​ while it is a solid analytics option for marketers. It’s worth noting that in terms of segmentation. Goals. Campaign tracking.

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