Local Health Authorities’ Communication on Social Media

Local Health Authorities’ Communication on Social Media

 Local health authorities’ communication on social mia is not that social after all.  Health communication health promotion also passes through social networks. Let’s talk about local health authorities, hospitals, communication and social mia. If we look at the italian local health authorities, we can see that these pas,.  Despite having understood how important it is to promote health . Online and digitize their work through websites and social pages,.  Must improve the way they communicate on social mia. Where is the problem? What do we have to say? We’ve notic that healthcare companies aren’t using social mia the right way . 

Being on social media does not mean communicating digitally

A bit like many other public administrations , local health authorities also communicate.  On social networks in the old fashion way, unilaterally , with rigid.  And institutional tones. To ensure that the communication of the local health authorities.  On social mia is new data truly  social, it is necessary. To give a shake-up, because social platforms are a very useful tool with . Which to promote health, provide information and services, . Communicating on an equal basis with citizens – patients, without.  That ‘halo of superiority that administrations struggle to put aside. Being on social mia does not mean communicating digitally . Having a facebook, twitter or youtube page is a good starting point, but it’s not enough.

Digital health communication in a social key

To carry out effective digital health communication,.  We must first understand the new dynamics that digital. Has introduc into communication and break away from . . Traditional patterns. If health communication EA Leads wants to be social, . It must be bilateral, not unilateral and cannot use monologue .  The post shar by an asl on twitter, for example, is inde an official . Statement, but it is very different from that of the print paper ! It nes to be written differently, to open up dialogue and get people involv! From the social pages consult, it seems to us that the . Communication scheme is, instead, the one-to-many one.  In which one speaks to a large audience of people, who can only listen, without having an active role.

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