Social Networks in which you should work on your Social Curriculum

According to Infojobs, the majority of companies (84%) consult Facebook profiles in their selection processes. LinkedIn comes in second place followed by Instagram, used by 49% of companies to review social ‘walls’. It seems strange to me that they look at Instagram first than Twitter (which is a more professional network), and Instagram more personal, but knowing this you have to take it into account. From the perspective of a personal brand. I would say that the essential networks to work on the social curriculum are LinkedIn, the most professional If there is a social network in which we should work our social resume, it is LinkedIn . Mainly because it is a professional network , and content is usually published that helps our digital reputation.

Social Networks

This social network allows us to share our email contact list resume for free so that anyone can consult it, as well as show our professional experience and skills. It is an excellent platform to work on our 2.0 relationships. 2. Twitter, the one that makes you visible Twitter has incredible potential when it comes to helping give visibility to a professional profile and a personal brand, and for that reason alone it should be enough to work on your resume on Twitter. It is an excellent social network to share value and show the contents of a blog, show that you know a topic by leaving comments on other users’ posts or create relationships with professionals.


 As well as, one of the best social platforms to EA Leads create a community of followers . If companies and recruiters observe that many people follow your social profile, it may possibly have a positive impact on them from your professional profile. 3. Facebook, the one that humanizes your brand Although many people consider that it is not at all convenient to provide our Facebook profile to companies and recruiters, the truth is that it is the social network most analyzed by recruiters when they are looking for a professional.

Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make ads

Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make ads. In this Facebook Ads Guide we are going to explain all its functions step by step and explain how to optimize its results. We hope that with these tips you will be able to create and improve your campaigns so that they are more profitable. The possibilities are almost endless. Let’s discover them.

Campaign types and ad formats

Campaign types and ad formats. The first thing is to start by knowing what types of campaigns you can create on Facebook so that you can clearly differentiate each objective and know how to choose the most appropriate one. In total you have 10 options with ad subtypes depending on the format and its location. Promote your posts. The goal is to encourage email contact list engagement on your posts (likes, comments, and shares). It can be a great boost if you’re new to Facebook or can’t get your posts to work on their own.

Reach people in the local environment

Reach people in the local environment. They are campaigns designed for small and medium-sized local businesses. If this is your case, it may be a good option because you segment based on a geographic radius of 1 to 70 kilometers around your business to only target people. Therefore, who are nearby when you have the campaign active. Increase attendees to your event. It serves to increase visibility EA Leads and get more people to participate in the event .

Connect with values perceptions and thoughts

To promote brand positioning you need to adjust the value proposition to the current reality and also take into account what is to come. The classic concept of quality, much less that of the best price , are enough to place a brand at the top. It needs to connect with the values, perceptions and thoughts of today’s consumers . Taking this into account, think about what stimulates and motivates your audience and then align your message and business processes to those impressions.

Connect with users on a human level

This point reinforces the previous one. Current business processes Email Contact List need to seek real and human connections so that positioning is long-lasting and not ephemeral. The paradigm of selling at all costs has remained in the past . Today, the objective is to strengthen relationships to always be in the minds of consumers and remain an attractive, beloved and friendly commercial alternative. Because of this, it is time to promote strategies and actions to humanize brands , giving them a face and a palpable identity .

Reinforce differentiating qualities

A well-positioned brand differentiates EA Leads itself from the rest, as it is recognizable, authentic and has added value . Many of the things we have mentioned so far are key to differentiating your brand, such as humanization, added values ​​and studying the competition to identify gaps to fill. Also, your company must have a unique and characteristic tone of voice , which allows you to build an essence that connects with the user. avoid falling into imitation at all costs or you may see final results very similar to those of your competitors.