Social Media and the Government Go

Social Media and the Government Go

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Essential Tool in Crisis Communications

The pandemic, brexit, the january 6th insurrection, and the occupation of ukraine by russian forces are a few instances where choices out of the general public’s control or decisions from lawmakers have impacted the world. When events like those mentioned above occur, people turn to social media to seek out and source information, keep up-to-speed with the latest news, and b2b leads quell their fears by laughing at a few memes. People also look to the government for leadership when times get difficult, so it makes sense that lawmakers, politicians, and governments use social media as a platform to manage crisis commas and provide regular, official updates to citizens across the world.

Levels of Government and Fully Understand

On the flip side, a crisis and social media can quickly become a breeding ground for misinformation. For example, during the covid-19 pandemic, almost 50% of us adults saw a lot or some fake news about the crisis, and almost 70% say that fake news causes a great deal of confusion. To counteract this, governments must invest in social media listening to help them identify inaccuracies EA Leads and respond accordingly especially as citizens will be looking to government social media accounts to provide them with accurate and objective information. But don’t feel like you have to engage with every false comment or post you come across in your social listening efforts. Some content might be too wildly incorrect to warrant a reply.

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