Selection of suitable marketing channels

Selection of suitable marketing channels

keynote workshop and session—the ones people travel thousands of miles to see. Dont wait. Get your On-Demand ticket and enjoy actionable content that you can watch anytime anywhere. GET YOUR ON-DEMAND TICKET NOW TAGS TIKTOK ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anna Sonnenberg Anna Sonnenberg specializes in paid and organic Twitter Instagram and Facebook marketing. For 6+ years she has run Sonnenberg Media a micro agency that provides social media and email support to brands and businesses.

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Alters the composition of your creative and the placement of your text to appeal to each viewer. While these automat its have been proven to improve b2b leads performance they can change the appearance of your ad in ways you might not expect. ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-it-optimize-creatives-enable-advantage-plus-fully-optimiz-13 For example enabling standard enhancements allows Meta to change the aspect ratio of your creatives or display relevant labels (i.e. free shipping) on the ad itself. Its worth testing your ads with and

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Enhancements before deciding on the right approach. When you upload an image asset to a Reels ad youll typically see standard enhancements EA Leads as well as three or four other options. You can toggle the All Optimizations switch to turn them on all at once or review each one separately. The image brightness and contrast setting can improve the appearance of your ad without making dramatic changes. If youre looking for a way to make images stand out in the Reels fe without altering the ad this option is a good choice. ads-

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