On which platform do your customers spend

On which platform do your customers spend

Choose from TikToks preset combinations of colors and fonts and enter the copy for each overlay. From the timeline use the when each overlay displays on the ad. tiktok-ai-script-generator-add-text-overlays-using-ai-script-drafts-tiktok-video-editor-donuts-18 Publish as an Ad Click Confirm to save the video ad in your draft folder and once its approved publish it to your TikTok ad account. In Ads Manager click to browse your video library at the ad level. Then choose the video content you generated and publish the campaign.

Tiktok ai script

Generator-publish-as-an-ad-tiktok-ads-manager-ad-details-video-library-19 Conclusion TikToks new AI Script Generator is a powerful tool for ad creation b2b email list especially when paired with the platforms template library and video editor. With this new AI-powered tool advertisers can improve hooks and CTAs get ideas for promoting new offers and streamline the entire video ad production process. Stay Up-to-Date Get New Marketing Articles Delivered to You! Dont miss out on upcoming social media marketing insights and

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