How to Use the Buyer Persona

How to Use the Buyer Persona

This way you can have a more precise picture of their online habits and align your proposal accordingly. What to do if you don’t have a large community Another very valid option is the possibility of sponsorship on company social mia : depending on the budget and the channel chosen you can obtain excellent results to give the right initial push to the contents. But above all the possibilities of selecting only the audience segment that you are interest in attracting are very advanc.

On Facebook for example

You can choose to show your sponsor content only to certain categories of audience bas on their interests or pages they follow Business Database age geographic area and so on. Download the ebook How to use the buyer persona in corporate social mia Personalize your adverts and create different ones (images descriptions titles and content) for each type of buyer persona identifi in the definition of the web marketing strategy . The beauty of inbound activities is that optimization is continuous so there may be changes to the target “in progress” also thanks to the feback obtain or not obtain from a sponsor campaign on company social networks and the same buyer persona will be us for production of email campaigns marketing automation posts for the company blog etc. CONCLUSIONS Have you already heard of buyer personas?

How did you create profiles of your ideal

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Who are yours? customers? And how do you build content for corporate social mia? Let us know everything with a comment below! And to learn more about inbound marketing methods and strategies or to find out if it can be integrat into your business reality click here Book 30 minutes for FREE with an Inbound expert SOCIAL MIA What’s new for success in B2B Are you a sales director marketing manager or CEO? Do you simply want to delve deeper into the EA Leads dynamics of the B2B world? Subscribe to the Fontimia blog to be updat on news: • marketing & sales • content & digital • SEO & web Subscribe to the blog! Email .

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