Erect to Make Money Yes Above

Erect to Make Money Yes Above

Poetry and writing, mystical thought, the occasional conversation with friends, the joyful wandering through the meadows of spiritual life, in short, are the refuge where Hesse ends up to protect himself from the assault of the banal and superficial, from the clumsiness and emptiness. The writer has no material aspirations, except those that are essential, those that allow him to live with dignity to continue writing and painting, far away in his hermitage in rural Switzerland, alone, or, to put it more properly, accompani by himself. In the lines of “Nuremberg” we constantly notice that vital assimilation of

Experience Begins to

Eastern thought that characteriz his vision of things, exemplarily embodi in some of his works, and thanks to which the writer (at that time, already nationaliz Swiss) rejects the vain agitation, the life projects business email list calculat to the millimeter, the modern work ethic, the one that passionately proclaims that “time is money”, and makes this its proud motto. Instead of all this, Hesse proclaims a contemplative, deeply mitative attitude, which prefers the leisure and tranquility of reflection, the pleasure of spiritual search: that peace of those who expect nothing.

Condense Is the Feeling of

Already sitting in a tavern, with a few friends, after his last conference – which in the end was, like all of them, an expression of his talent turn into an annoying profession –, Hesse gives us this image of him, defin by detachment and the Franciscan joy of the small satisfactions that existence gives to those who dare to look beyond the hollow hustle EA Leads and bustle of contemporary life: I heard the most interesting conversations and discussions and I felt very happy, because all this did not concern me at all, it did not demand anything of me, it was just being interesting, and I could sit there, look at the intelligent and excit faces, drink the

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