Dragging Out the Issue for Those

Dragging Out the Issue for Those

Alongside his strong disbelief, there is also a vigorous faith in the bright and hopeful side of existence. Illness (something that reminds me of Hans Castorp, the belov character in The Magic Mountain , by Thomas Mann) is transform in this essay in the middle to try to delve a little into human nature, to then look inside and dismantle the forces that move Hesse himself to withdraw into himself, to avoid dealing with people, to be the writer obsess with the duality of the human spirit,

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The unreem seeker of absolutes convinc of the ineffable cosmic unity, and the implacable censor of the contemporary world, a world that appears oblivious to the mystery that persists in the human desire for answers, a place where “(…) the last b2b email list of the serial writers works better and more successfully than the one who strives to express the eternal ”. (Hesse, p. 122). “Nuremberg”, a shorter text than the previous one, but equally intense, leads us along a path that will culminate in disenchantment. Invit to give three conferences on his work in various parts of Germany,

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Hesse had to go to the city of Nuremberg, where the last of that itinerary took place. After the event, the writer, although overwhelm, feels satisfi with the atmosphere under which his presentation took place. He then enjoys, calmer, the company of friends, talks, observes, mitates. He places his scrutinizing gaze on the city and notices the sinister: Nuremberg embodies what he unreservly condemns in much of his fictional and essayistic EA Leads work, that is, the irruption of the industrial world, the overwhelming presence of the material, the imprint of contemporary dehumanization stamping its gloomy silhouette on the people who walk at an accelerat pace to mingle in the impersonal traffic of a city captur by the

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