Customers most active time on Facebook

Customers most active time on Facebook

On-reels-facebook-instagram-it-optimize-creatives-enable-advantage-plus-image-brightness-contrast-14 The 3D animation setting automatically adds movement to  your creative when its likely to improve results. Although this setting works for limit placements its a good option for making images look more dynamic in the Reels fe. ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-it-optimize-creatives-enable-advantage-plus-3d-animation-15 it Reels Creatives Manually In most cases youll want to produce ad-ready creatives in a third-party video

After uploading

But if you ne to make some minor its or if you want to test small changes you can make them directly in Ads Manager. a video creative at the ad level click to it the Facebook or business email list Instagram Reels placement. To place copy on the ad itself select Text Overlay. You can add up to five different text overlays each starting and ending at a different timestamp. You can choose from a short list of fonts and colors to align the look with your brand. ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-it-optimize-creatives-it-manually-text-overlay-timestamp-fonts-

Profile and handle

Colors-16 Ads Manager also lets you add logos to your video creatives. Keep in mind that your accounts will both appear on any Reels placements. But adding a little extra visual branding can be helpful for awareness EA Leads especially if you place the logo during the last few seconds of the video. ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-it-optimize-creatives-it-manually-ads-manager-add-logos-17 Customize Ad Copy for Reels Placements Above we cover optimizing copy for ads on Instagram Reels. But its just as important to consider customizing copy

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