Branding and brand positioning

Branding and brand positioning

Many times we talk about branding and positioning as synonyms. But in reality there is a difference between them , branding is the process of giving visibility. To a brand and positioning is the result of that process . But in most cases they can be used interchangeably. What can be a little confusing when talking about the topic is the concept of place, since we are talking about spaces. Virtual and physical, so we can also talk about points of contact .

Let's define Branding

Branding is a type of marketing that requires Email Leads advanced understanding. Since encompassing the concept “memorable” is not so simple. It is much easier to understand a disclosure of a. Specific product benefit than a brand experience . And that’s the trick! Branding is not intended to be understood literally, but rather to generate sensations associated with a visual identity. Its importance lies in the fact that. Branding is omnipresence, the surprising spark that unleashes the desire, to be invisible and appear only to add value or to solve problems. 

Types of brand positioning

What differentiates us is quality; when they EA Leads remember us, an emotion of refinement and exclusivity is triggered in our clients. The prestige, the power. The participation of a select group of people generates an acceptance of a very high price and a cost-benefit relationship of the type. It is expensive and it is for few! A good example is Rolex, which is in 3rd place in The Global RepTtrak. Ranking of the 100 companies with the best reputation in the world – after having led it for four years.

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