All to Make Money from Which

All to Make Money from Which

Moselle and feel how sleep was approaching, and if I lik it, tomorrow I could sleep late, a whole day, a whole year, a whole century, no one want anything from me, no train whistl for me, no lecturer’s desk It was illuminat and decorat with the bottle of water waiting for me (…). (Hesse, pp. 184-185) . It is passages like this, constant in his fictional prose and in his essayistic work, that mov me deeply during my first dabbles in the work of this great writer and persuad me that literature, in addition to giving us beauty, takes us into the enigmas of the human spirit, territory of restlessness, but also of fugitive plenitude.

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Hermann Hesse: the peace of those who expect nothing I would not exaggerate – to mention something and returning to the point with which I open this text – if, referring to the impact that Steppenwolf had on me – the first work of his that I read, as I already said – I consider it decisive. If I have to point out any of the works that mark my life, I suppose forever, I would have to business lead refer to that little book. Perhaps it is an appropriate story for especially wayward and non-conformist teenagers, as I was at the time I decid to read it. Maybe. But from the moment I immers myself in the story of the belov

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Harry Haller, I experienc the comforting feeling that he was not alone. From then on, a certainty would always accompany me: the pages of a book can lead us, for better or worse, to explore unexplor byways of ourselves. That discovery alone would be enough to justify reading this great writer and any other author whose work allows us to delve a little EA Leads deeper into ourselves. The Socratic maxim, which Plato’s teacher took from the heritage of Greek wisdom – that enigmatic “Know thyself” – retains its validity in the pages creat by Hesse, and even more so in these times of consumerist vertigo, vile attacks against the environment and excessive ambitions for power and money.

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