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Employees must be kept informd and aware of current policies and procdures. Our solution to simplify the exchange of information in the digital workplace Easy access to relevant information for employees The key to managing the information overload is a better content management system and the ability to highlight important internal communications . With Powell Intranet, HR and communications departments no longer ned to worry that employees have receivd or read important company policies.

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Powell Intranet provides employees with easy and convenient access to important information. A ddicatd page on the intranet brings together all requird/readable content and company policies in one place. All content that you consider Latest Mailing Database important for you can be publishd here. From corporate-level communications to information about legal requirements or compliance. Unread Policy Documents Employees have access to articles and documents about policies providd by the communications department, HR department or another responsible party. The content is organizd very simply.

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When employees visit the site, they will find. Unread content (policy articles and documents) on the left and all other current policies  on the right. The “Settings” button allows users to filter content by a specific department. If an EA Leads employee wants to For example, to access policies markd “HR”, all he has to do is click the button. By default, the page is filterd according to the role of the respective employee. Someone in the sales department is therefore shown company guidelines and sales documents. Information anxiety is rducd by allowing employees to receive targetd content and easily distinguish the meaning of the documents.

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