A Large Community

A Large Community

In corporate social mia Among the corporate social networks today we will focus in particular on Facebook and its Insights section which provides a lot of information about the users who follow your institutional page or interact with the publish contents. What is the buyer persona for? Always having in mind the profile of the customer for whom content marketing activities are carri out is essential both for finding new business opportunities and for the retention of existing customers because it allows you to communicate useful interesting and highly personaliz messages tailor-made to suit nes of the target audience.

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Aspects of defining the buyer persona for your B2B marketing strategy : it improves relationships with customersĀ Business Lead fuels creativity and inspires the creation of content to explain the use of your products or services to a real person helps understand the audience and target messages to improve the conversion rate into leads. There are always niche audiences that will use your products/services in different ways or for different purposes always take them into consideration by creating different buyer personas. How to use company social mia to define the buyer persona

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The Facebook page allows you to get to know your fans better define the recipients of the campaigns and obtain more information on the peopleĀ EA Leads who have indicat “Like” to the page or who have comment shar and click “Like” on the post. To create the right buyer personas bas on this data however you must first choose the right audience to examine. The risk is that among the fullers there are not only current or potential customers but also simple followers interest in the sector acquaintances colleagues and influencers. However you can discover the following user characteristics: gender city device traffic source.

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