Zapier and the benefits of Zaping

Zapier and the benefits of Zaping

A summary of my talk at the World Quondos Record about how and why to automate tasks using Zapier . I was late and didn’t know it yet. When I read the program I saw 14:48 and I simply assumed that it would be the time my presentation began . That morning, tasks here . cChores there, I couldn’t think of anything else but to try . Bla Bla Car to go with someone to Alicante. Things went well, a very enjoyable trip but, let’s be honest, it delayed me a little .

When the GPS showed 10 minutes

Iwas already receiving a call from Isa letting me know that it would start in a few minutes. 2:48 p.m. was not the time to . Btart but rather the time to end and, to my surprise, we were much ahead of schedule. I accelerate that I accelerate you… It was arriving and kissing top industry data the Saint. Hello here, hello there while Isa put the microphone on me with a “dude, you’ll do it . Look. I took a deep breath, looked at the stage and smiled. It wasn’t planned . But the chair placed in the middle of the stage didn’t even look painted . After being introduced by Carlos Bravo, to whom I am very grateful for his words, I went up to the stage, took a deep breath . Lay down on the couch and began to introduce myself while flipping through . Slides quickly like when you do… you know, Zaping…

Introduction to Zapier: why automate?

To illustrate the problem and the solution, I asked for 2 volunteers . Whom I named “Josuit” (his task was to make a tweet every time I gave him . A signal) and “Eli Sare” (he had to move between slides when I gave him the signal). . It was quite fun to see how he put together the presentation EA Leads while he made signs to one and the other . Benefits-zapier-02 We live in the era of cloud . Applications. Most of us, especially those of us who move in this world of online . Marketing and blogging, use applications for almost everything . TRUE? There comes a time when we end up in a spiral since,

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