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Companies realize that a high salary is not currently the most important factor in choosing an employer. People identify with the place they co-create, which is why the comfort of work, the atmosphere and other non-financial benefits, as well as the values ​​professe by the owners are equally important elements of the employer’s values ​​for modern employees. The image strategy is the image-building activities carrie out inside and outside the company, they interpenetrate each other. Satisfie employees shape a positive image of the company outside. How we treat our employees and fulfill our promises to them affects our opinion on the labor market.

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Strong employer brand and development opportunities in the team From the point of view of a potential employee, relations within the company, as well as opportunities for development or promotion, are extremely important. Real opportunities database for achieving higher levels of professional development attract candidates, but the employer should present such opportunities at the very beginning. A strong employer brand commits to something. Work in which the employee is expose to stress every day, relate to the negative atmosphere between the employer and the crew members.


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Unfortunately does not encourage to stay in the company and will quickly cause further changes in its structure. Employing an employee for longer, investing in his development and building appropriate relations with him will make the EA Leads staff become a coherent and loyal organism with structure, good relations. How strong is your brand as an employer? Use it as a sales tool! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Why is it worth building a strong employer brand? There use to be talk about the employer’s market. Today, this trend has completely change and we have an employee’s market, which means that the situation is working against the employer.

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