Unlocking Product Industry Secrets

Unlocking Product Industry Secrets

And although after a year and a half I left it Unlocking Product. To enter the world of engineering, I always still had the programming bug in my head. That is why, after a while, I started programming a language learning application in Java. The application on a financial level was a failure. But on a training level it was amazing due to the knowledge. I acquired in programming and languages. But of all, what impacted me the most was. A free program called Google Analytics. Does it sound familiar to you? Probably yes because almost everyone who has a website uses this tool. And with Google Analytics, I discovered the world of websites and blogs, since almost all the information was related to websites.

Mentioned Unlocking Product at the beginning

SEO discovery I also discovered industry email list something even more interesting: that there were people who had blogs and made a living from their publications. This shocked me very, very much. So much so that after a while I started creating my own blog. The one I mentioned at the beginning. And which is called. It was a blog about guitar and music theory, worked with great enthusiasm but it did not appear on Google. It was as if it didn’t exist… My first impression was clear: Google doesn’t work because my website doesn’t appear.

Something that stood out above all

But no  it turns out that there was a thing called. SEO and that EA Leads it consisted of a series of actions or good practices for a website. To gain visibility and rank highest in something called SERP. Ahhh okay, that’s why, well we’ll have to learn it… Since I discovered what SEO was, I became immersed in everything that made it up. And of all that, there was something that stood out above all: SEO for niches. Through this discipline I discovered people like Dean Romero, Romuald Fons, Bruno Ramos, Alex Navarro, Dani Llamazares and later other figures such as Carlos Ortega, Álvaro Peña and Jesús Roldán.

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