Top Most Popular Social Networks

Top Most Popular Social Networks

Scientists say that humans are social creatures. Each of us, more or less wants and likes to communicate with other people. By communicating, we can exchange various information, learn and improve. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that with technological possibilities, the number of users on social networks is growing steadily every year. If in the total number of users on all social network platforms did not reach 1 billion. it’s 2 billion the value mark was reached in less than five years. In there are slightly more than 2.8 billion people in the world. population using at least one of the social networks. With the increasing popularity of smart devices.

Internet becoming more and more accessible

Inhabitant of the world – 3 billion. we will surpass the consumer mark already in 2021. It is because of this rapid increase in the number of users that more and more companies in Lithuania and the world are becoming interested in advertising on social networks. This article reviews the top 10 social media platforms that you can leverage for digital marketing  Singapore Business Fax List  and your business. FACEBOOK Facebook is currently the most used social networking platform with more than 2.3 billion users. active users. It is safe to say that Facebook is the primary choice for every social media user. Facebook users can share various messages, links, photos and videos with their friends and followers. Meanwhile, Facebook advertising allows many companies and brands in the world to be visible.


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Present their goods or services to a target audience

that is specific to that business. Read more about the benefits of Facebook advertising here – article about Facebook advertising. INSTAGRAM Currently, the Instagram platform is one of the fastest growing social platforms in the world. Although the Instagram network is focused on smartphone users, Instagram accounts can already be EA Leads  accessed online. Unfortunately, you will not be able to publish photos or video material in this way. Instagram exceeded 1 billion in June limit of active users and this number is steadily growing. It should be noted that Instagram content is visual – all published content consists of photos and various videos. The IGTV solution released in June gave Instagram users the opportunity to share longer videos of up to 60 minutes. This is one of the better ways to get visitors from another popular platform, YouTube to the data of the 3rd quarter of are the United States of America, Japan and Russia.

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