The negative ones because the first group is necessary

The negative ones because the first group is necessary

Here we are going to concentrate on the second group of errors. The negative ones because the first group is necessary to acquire knowledge and experiences in the social network. Organizations that want to embrace digital must instill in their teams that innovating and experimenting is key to progress; therefore, the real objective and constant concern is not to oppose positive errors, but to avoid those that are produced by inattention or lack of planning. Before we delve into the discussions about negative mistakes, let’s talk about the concept of getting it right. When are you successful on facebook? A positive business result is obtained in this social network when it contributes to the achievement of business objectives, a stable and lasting relationship with the audience is achieved or our competitive advantages are increased – thanks to the improvement of the products or services provided .

The development of a positive purchasing

Produced by customer feedback, increased satisfaction b2b email list in customer service. The development of a positive purchasing experience. Now, when is facebook failing? Simple and obvious, when you get the opposite of success. Failure means letting days pass without making a measurable contribution to achieving objectives. To fail is to settle for those old promotional tactics that focus on creating, transmitting, and repeating messages to achieve reach only—resigning yourself to the illusion that visibility will lead to transactions. That is failure. And that is what you must avoid. On facebook, dedicating yourself solely to posting means not taking advantage of the possibility of building a community . How to avoid mistakes made by companies on facebook due to negligence or improvisation.

Challenge is by accepting that facebook

A good way to undertake this monumental. Challenge is EA Leads by accepting that facebook is not a communications channel, but a platform for relationships. Recognizing this, we will be forced to use the social network to create personalized, relevant and pleasant experiences. A different approach to the usual advertising attitude. Working on this, instead of insisting on the transmission of promotional messages – a type of action that is closer to annoying than attracting – will make the presence on facebook become a valuable asset for the company and its community of followers.

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