The Future of Retail in the E-commerce and Amazon Era

The Future of Retail in the E-commerce and Amazon Era

 The future of retail in the e-commerce and amazon era marketplace.  Online shop the physical store will never disappear: I’ll explain why.  How many times have you blam amazon and e-commerce for the crisis of physical stores? It’s true, online shops are very strong competitors.  But they are not responsible for everything that is happening. We are in the midst of a technological revolution and investing . In digital is a priority for everyone, even for small shops! Retail alone . Cannot do it and nes digital, but even e-commerce works better in synergy with physical stores! Selling offline and online is essential: this is the future of retail in the e-commerce era! This is what large giants like amazon or walmart are doing, which do not give 

Amazon's investments in physical stores

Up physical points of sale, but rather add them to online shops! Amazon’s investments in physical stores.  Let’s start with amazon, the king of e-commerce, the brand much . Hat by small traders: what policy is it following? It is the leader in.  E-commerce, the brand that has chang consumers’ purchasing habits forever. With its website it sells everything and is even latest database launching.  Into the food sector, delivers goods with drones and has open.  Amazon go sales points where the customer does without shop assistants! What other gadgets does he have in his drawer? I’ll tell you one: physical stores ! Did I surprise you? I think I succe! Well yes, right. Now amazon is investing in a chain of bookstores and is closing . The super digital pop stores, which sold kindle

Walmart from physical store to e-commerce

Ebooks, digital books or echo speakers, which it continues to sell online. What happens? Has amazon chang its mind and is going back to the past? Will this be a current trend? No, it is simply following people’s purchasing habits and . Wants to reach that target, which does EA Leads not buy online. This is why it opens its stores and pushes towards greater integration . Of digital with on-site sales. Amazon bookstores, physical stores that integrate digital I’ll explain better. That amazon closes pop stores and chooses to sell paper books does not mean that it is throwing. Digital books overboard! If anything, it means that amazon, as usual, has seen further than

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