The employer ‘s reputation significantly

The employer ‘s reputation significantly

Influences the performance of a business. for this reason it is important not to neglect it and. therefore. design a strategy to improve it or maintain its prestige. By examining this strategic context. we can also understand the importance of the term branding . which highlights the need to plan marketing and communication activities to promote the employer. It must be said that Employer Branding was not born today.

But dates back to the 90s of the last century and

Was coined to describe the need to strengthen the brand image among the public made up of employees  country email list    and potential employees of the company . How to do employer branding Employer Branding meaning Starting from the inside to go outwards. This is the first piece of advice to give to anyone approaching employer branding. To put it more concretely: it’s important to create a workplace that employees are happy to go to every day. Achieving this result involves taking care of many aspects that revolve around the worker’s well-being: Efficient internal communication Environments that are pleasant to live in.

Flexible time management (smartworking. remote working).

for parents. meal vouchers. participation in events. gifts) Employee involvement in company plans Possibility of making a career Once you have created a workplace where employees want to stay longer. you can move on to highlight the brand’s vision and values ​​outside the company . Corporate communication becomes the main tool   EA Leads safe and suitable for the type of work Provision of benefits (examples: company car. programs of employer branding. but it must be associated with great employee involvement and the use of digital media . Why do employer branding? The advantages! The commitment made to improving the workplace and branding operations brings benefits to the company on three fronts: Employee loyalty.

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