Thanks to the collection of data

Thanks to the collection of data. Analysis. Evaluations and estimates on company processes and the reference market. Bi makes inefficiencies visible. Allows forecasts and new business strategies . Operational changes and adaptations to market transformations. Effectively increasing the competitive advantage of the company.The use of business intelligence in sales has proven to be strategic both for the definition of sales objectives. For planning and for measuring the results of the sales force.

Having the appropriate tools means putting

Having the appropriate tools means putting your sales network in a position to take the greatest advantage from the analysis of the customer’s history . His purchases and the evolution of his choices and using it in a prictive way to guide and give a boost to the performance of sale.
Mobile business intelligence for intempra is therefore a software solution that latest database acquires. Analyzes and reprocesses in real time the data of all company departments: administration. Finance. Warehouse. Commercial.

Marketing and transforms them into vital information

Marketing and transforms them into vital information to support the sales network in the organization of the visit . Understanding the customer’s nes and providing training and support during the sales negotiation. To optimize order construction and collection.
Intempra reinterprets the concept of business intelligence by making it mobile : sav. Advanc sales support . Is a mobile business intelligence system dicat to the commercial EA Leads network. A software application dicat to sellers that exploits business intelligence paradigms to provide training and decision-making support that increases its performance .

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