Test websites with the free LumoLink competitor analysis tool!

Test websites with the free LumoLink competitor analysis tool!

During the spring, we have built a free tool with which it is possible. To perform a web visibility analysis for any site. Of course, most companies have good information about their own website, for example through the use of google analytics, but the status of the online. Presence of competitors in the same field is completely obscure to most companies. Of course, there are software for analyzing competitors’ websites and visitor traffic, but they usually have a monthly fee and cost. Hundreds of euros.

Lumolink competitor analysis tool features

he tool we built is very simple to use and it gives a good overview of the number of visitors. To the analyzed site. At this point it is good to  europe email list mention that all figures are indicative and there is no way to get completely accurate data and only the site owner knows the exact readings. However, the tool can estimate the number of visitors to the site based on the available data. We have tested the. Tool on our own sites, whose actual visitor. Numbers have been 2,000-40,000 visitors per month, and the tool has been able to give a delightfully accurate estimate of the number of visitors. The tool usually gives a more. Detailed report the larger the site in question. For small sites and new sites, the numbers may not be as accurate

Because there is less data available.

In addition to the number of .Visitors to the site, the tool tells about the behavior of the visitors on the site, such. As how long the visitors spend on the site on average and how many pages the visitors browse on average. The tool also tells you which countries the site’s visitors come from, and in addition, the traffic sources section shows which channels the site’s visitors come from.The report created by. The tool also shows the site’s most important organic traffic keywords and correspondingly the most important EA Leads adwords advertising keywords if adwords.advertising is used for that site. The report. Also shows the most popular social media channels from which the site receives visitors.¬†

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