There are still upright professionals

There are still upright professionals

here are Today I received a call. In addition, that left me stunned. It is the first time, or at least I don’t remember. Therefore, another occasion, in more than 20 years of professional career in which someone. In addition, has such a detail with me. I summarize the situation. Before Christmas last year I was preparing a course for an organization (we defined the program, I coordinated with potential collaborators, we recorded a promotional video. 

But the most impressive thing is that they wanted me to issue There are

here are But the most impressive thing is that they wanted me to issue them category email list an invoice to compensate me for the. Therefore, time invested. At first I told them no, just with the call it seemed. In addition, like a big detail to me, but they have insisted saying that it is the minimum. That their professional reputation came first and that they could not. Therefore, allow the situation to remain like this. The work done must be compensated. How many. In addition, times have I gone through similar situations in which everything is finally forgotten.

Learning about integrity at work professionals

Recognizing mistakes is profitable: not only EA Leads is it part of an upright behavior as professionals, but by recognizing them and trying to remedy them, we manage to turn the situation around. From a negative feeling, to a restored and positive reputation. Doing the right thing also speaks. In addition, well of the affected party: it not only improves the reputation of the person who recognizes and solves the problem. 

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