Some of the events are paid and before you decide

Conferences have the advantage that a group of people. With similar interests usually meet in one place. Which makes it easier to break the ice and start conversations. More and more respectable conference companies weave networking sessions into. Event agenda or organize happy hours after the meeting. When going to conferences, it is worth preparing in advance. That is, first of all, defining the purpose of participation and preparing a few sentences about yourself (selfpresentation). We wrote about how to get more out of participation in conferences in the article Use the potential of industry conferences.

What Is A Brand’s Visual Identity

Training In their formula, they are very often similar to conferences, but going to the training we mainly focus on finding a solution to a problem. Don’t be afraid to ask others, and database use your coffee breaks instead of checking your company email to chat with others. Time for emails. Don’t sit in the corner drinking coffee alone, break down and start a conversation. It is also important to listen carefully, and what others say can be a great excuse for you to start a conversation behind the scenes. Maybe you are the one who knows the answer to another participant’s question.


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Club meetings Networking is becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more meetings on the market. It is worth following which meetings are related to the industry you are interested in. to participate, check the audience and the program so as not to overpay. The choice is huge from small breakfast meetings to large evening events. Stay up to date, follow your industry. When going to a club meeting, don’t forget business cards, something to write with and a positive attitude. Also consider the style of the meeting, if this is an event where attendees are likely to EA Leads wear jackets, save the hoodie for other events.

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