What it is and how to make a social resume

What it is and how to make a social resume

In this post we will see the Social Media Resume , what it is , how to make a social media resume, what social networks we should include and what tools can help create a social resume. According to a study carried out by Infojobs, 50% of Spanish companies claim to consult the social profiles of candidates before contacting them for a job interview. And 1 in 5 companies admit to having ruled out a candidate after reviewing their social networks . And it is because of data like these that it is essential to manage our social networks very well and take care of our social media resume. So let’s see what we can do to take advantage of the social curriculum and help us professionally.

What it Social Media

I believe that having a “fit” social resume is essential top people data to adapt to new digital times. There are some tools that we can use to create this type of resume (as we will see later), but the most important thing is to work on the four key points that companies. Recruiters look at.This type of social analysis is a step that is used in many countries such as the United States, to analyze a candidate before inviting him to a job interview. With this COVID-19 crisis, I think it is a step that will increase. Spain and other countries because we spend more. Time on the Internet and on social networks.

Internet activity

What is the social media resume How to EA Leads make a Social Media Resume 4 Social Networks in which you should work on your Social Curriculum 2 Platforms to create a social media resume Your Personal Brand, your best Social Curriculum Infographic: What is the Social Media Resume and how to create it What is the social media resume The social media resume is the digital footprint that we leave on the Internet , our presence on social networks and on the Internet, form our social resume. This social curriculum includes 3+1 key sections: Our activity on the Internet (social networks): The digital reputation of our personal brand; Our relationships 2.0 (networking); And our Personal (professional) Brand .

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