Social News: Checkout, Instagram’s Challenge

Social News: Checkout, Instagram’s Challenge

 Social news: checkout, instagram’s challenge to amazon and ebay . Online shop, social.  Networks sell online from instagram without rirects to the website. Instagram is testing a new feature, which will.  Allow companies to sell directly within its social platform! With checkout , this is the name of the new function, instagram users.  Who want to buy a product display in a post or story will be able to . Complete the purchase on instagram, without having to leave the . Social network and continue on another website, as happens today! This important innovation, currently being test.  In the usa, makes instagram an important and highly 

What will change with Checkout

Competitive online shopping platform for e-commerce companies! The new feature, in fact, marks a turning . Point in social commerce and forges ahead in instagram’s challenge to amazon and ebay! What sales on instagram were and are . Like before checkout what was new database and how is online shopping without checkout? What should a company do to sell online on instagram? It cannot sell directly, because the actual sale only takes place on the website. However, it can attract the attention of users on instagram and bring them to your site later. How? By sharing photos on the instagram company page, which contain the shopping tag .  A small bag-shap icon, which if click gives information on.  The product shown and also contains the link to the website. The potential buyer attract by that post clicks the link.

130 million people click on Instagram shopping tags

 Leaves the social mia and finds himself on the.  Seller’s or manufacturer’s website: on this platform.  He will be able to buy the chosen item! In this sales path there are several steps and for this reason it is easier for a user to.  Choose amazon or ebay, so as not to make too many turns! Instagram features that push online shopping the most recent innovations introduc.  By instagram in terms of EA Leads shopping, before checkout, were: the product . Tags add to posts shar in the fe, those small handbag-shap.  Icons that I mention above, which contain the name of the product, price and link to the site the tags to.  Add to the stories, introduc.  At a later time than the previous tags the shopping . Channel of the explore section all these functions, although

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