Seven years after we began operating

Seven years after we began operating

As an AI-first company. we are now at an exciting inflection point and have the opportunity to make AI even more useful for people. businesses and communities – in short for everyone. We’ve long been using AI to make our products radically more useful. and with generative AI we take it a step further. With a bold yet responsible approach. we are reinventing all of our core products. including Google Search.” Google’s great commitment to developing software capable of imitating human reasoning and interacting with people seems to have a single goal:

To give users fulfilling experiences.

Nothing new. because it has always been the principle that Big G has followed. but AI brings the europe email list  quality of the online experience to levels never seen before and this concerns both digital professionals and ordinary people who use online tools every day. Google. Download the free guide now to discover all the Adv Online trends and statistics! PaLM 2 at the base of Google’s Artificial Intelligence The cornerstone of Google’s AI is PaLM 2 (Pathways Language Model). the natural language model developed in Mountain View that uses a combination of machine learning techniques to improve understanding and generating text more precisely and naturally.

The first version of PaLM was already pre-trained

with a wide range of linguistic data. including book texts. articles. news and human conversations. and now version 2 is capable of understanding and conversing in over 100 languages. But its potential does not end with the ability to generate textual responses. it is also capable of performing complex mathematical operations and writing code in multiple programming languages. It seems that  EA Leads Google wants to go more and more specific. in fact it has already applied this technology to two specific areas: Sec-PaLM . the AI ​​application dedicated to Med-PaLM 2 . the AI ​​application dedicated to the medical sector. Google says “PaLM 2 is the latest development in our decade-long journey to bring AI responsibly to billions of people.”

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