How to do responsible marketing for this audience

How to do responsible marketing for this audience

Advertisements for children are messages whose objective is to generate interest in a product or service focused on children . Therefore, creating this type of advertising requires ethics and responsibility. According to Unicef ​​data. “In Mexico, 50% of girls and boys between 6 and 11 years old are Internet or computer users and in the case of adolescents between 12 and 17 years old. Between 80 and 94% use internet or a computer.” So, it is an attractive niche for those who want to create digital or physical products for this audience. When it comes to young people, selling cannot be the only objective. Ethics are necessary in advertising for children . If you apply it, it will give you a great plus of social responsibility .

How to understand advertising aimed at children

Infants are impressionable, in general, they tend to believe everything they see and hear. Make decisions impulsively and How to do feel attracted to anything that is fashionable. If we add to this the fact that they were born in the digital. Age and are constantly exposed to screens, everything becomes more evident. So, it is a shared responsibility to regulate the ads that children consume .

On the one hand, brands must have policies executive data governing how they communicate with children to ensure that their rights are not violated. On the other hand, the State and institutions are obliged to establish regulations  on advertising for children . In Mexico, for example, the Federal Consumer Protection Law (LFPC) in its article 76. Provides that “Digital Advertising for Boys and Girls should not directly incite them to purchase a product or service, exploiting their inexperience, immaturity or credulity.

Responsible Marketing Principles for Children How to do

As we have already mentioned, advertising for children must be respectful and ethical. In order to protect children from deception and ensure that the experience with the brand is satisfactory. The golden rule is to avoid lies and promote positive values, since creating advertising for children requires a series of guidelines that we explain below.

Age-appropriate content Have you noticed that EA Leads cartoons indicate the appropriate age to watch them?  In other words, they are classified. The same goes for advertising. It happens that children are in full emotional and cognitive development, so it is the responsibility of adults to guarantee this process as best as possible.

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