Relying on intempra for your business on amazon means

Relying on intempra for your business on amazon means

Relying on intempra for your business on amazon means:
Guarantee on the quality of service :
Amazon has very strict requirements and carefully examines the companies to which it grants partner status. To obtain certification you must pass various tests and demonstrate. With evidence and proven results. That you have successfully follow some shops on amazon. This is the second recognition for intempra: in fact. We can also boast the title of “Amazon service provider network certifi partner”. Confirming our competence.
Up-to-date and innovative solutions and skills :

We can apply everything we learn

Being an “Advertising partner” of amazon is an latest database indisputable advantage for us and for the brands that rely on our team. We can apply everything we learn from amazon’s resources in terms of services. Tools and solutions. The support we receive turns into concrete results for our customers.The ” amazon prime wardrobe ” is also arriving in europe. The service dicat to prime users which will allow customers to try on clothing and accessories and pay for them later . Only once their choice has been confirm.

Aims to revolutionize purchases

This service. In fact. Aims to revolutionize purchases. Allowing consumers to select up to six items and receive them at home for free . You will then have seven days to try on the garments and accessories EA Leads and choose which ones to keep and pay for. Amazon wants to accommodate the user. Making their shopping experience increasingly easier . And will reward those who return fewer items with special discounts.

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