Also be prepared to introduce yourself

Also be prepared to introduce yourself

In addition to the traditional exchange of business cards, remember also about modern tools for maintaining contact with other participants. Mobile applications for scanning business cards, CamCard or the Find Nearby function on LinkedIn, will come in handy. social media This is another place where networking groups are growing day by day. Join a Facebook or LinkedIn group that interests you. Just remember to introduce yourself and write what you are looking for and what interests you. The rules of getting to know each other are similar to those in real life, but remember what you write on the Internet stays there.

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Networking in business How to prepare? As for every meeting, it is worth going prepared and aware of what awaits us. A few rules to know beforehand Find out as much as possible Latest Mailing Database about the event you are going to, read about previous editions, on themeeting website or in social media. If you have the ability to check the list of participants , check who your potential new friends are ( Facebook events allow you to check the list of subscribers). Maybe there is a person among the guests with whom you want to talk about a specific topic.

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Think about what you want to achieve by participating in the meeting, think about your goals and needs. Here the KISS principle will be important keep it short and simple, short, concise and to the point. Tell us what you do and what you expect from this event. Bring business cards and a pen to the meeting . Don’t be afraid to write a few keywords about the new person on his business card, thanks to this you won’t come back with a handful of EA Leads contacts to people you don’t remember.

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