Paid Alternative Tools To Google Analytics

Paid Alternative Tools To Google Analytics

You can see exactly where your customers are clicking – it’s like a spy kit that helps you detect the most popular sections of your web pages. It also monitors scroll depth to provide insight regarding which section of your page is being read the most. Key features: unlike other data tools that produce figures and trends. With crazy egg the experience is completely visual. This visual representation of results allows you to make better decisions on the positioning of page content. And on which areas to optimize. The page eitor gives you the power to change whatever you want on the site in a very simple and user-friendly manner.

Meaning you can get in. Change whatever you wan

Meaning you can get in. Change whatever you want. And get back out. Crazy egg also allows you to carry out a/b testing; and what’s more. The winner of the a/b test special data will be seamlessly pushe into the live version. You simply pick a goal base on a url. Form submission. Or a clicke link/button. And then as soon as the platform detects a winning variant it will automatically send more traffic to the winner. This gives you as many conversions as possible without having to waste any traffic. Overview: from the moment a visitor comes to your site. To the end of their session. You’ll see every movement of their cursor and everything they click on.

Kissmetrics is a great analytics tool

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that helps you to EA Leads acquire. Keep. And grow your customer base. Especially through its customer engagement automation feature. From prospects to advocates. It allows for a deep understanding of – and unique engagement with – different customer profiles. You can identify which visitors are most likely to convert. For example. And focus your marketing efforts on the source of traffic that brings in the most conversions. And if people drop out of the sales funnel. You can also generate a list of those users and target them through other campaigns.

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