Over a quarter of a century

Over a quarter of a century

Over a quarter of a century. In terms of innovation and quality of the solutions provid. Communicating with them in an effective way and providing comprehensive information about the product are invaluable values. The appearance on the BIMobject platform has brought many benefits in this respect, which Cero Cuba explicitly states “Positive feback from our partners and consumers shows that the investment in digitalization pays off. The intuitiveness and comfort of use of BIMobject gives us the opportunity to present the OKNOPLAST brand portfolio in one place, integrat with the nes of the industry. This makes it much easier to communicate.

Of readiness for the

New products and share information about previously photo editing servies available models. Ease of access to our BIM model database often shortens. The order fulfillment time, from the design itself to production and sales. Tonoplast windows house BIM and sustainable use of materials Support for sales processes, order processing time and ease of offer presentation are not the only tangible benefits of OKNOPLAST working hand in hand with BIMobject. The impact on the natural environment is equally important. There is full agreement on this issue sustainable development thanks to digitalization has a very high priority.

OKNOPLAST and BIMobject upcoming changes

Taking care of the future of our planet with. The help of BIM is EA Leads definitely easier. This is all thanks to the fact that BIM objects are present. In an extremely precise way and also contain references to the detail technical specifications and functional properties of each product. This, in turn, ruces the risk of an error at the design stage, which may prove costly to the environment in the future, to a minimum. “Digitization in today’s world is not only about comfort and product offers at your fingertips. It is also about using labor and knowlge resources in.

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