Outsourcing accounting services or accounting franchising: which is better?

Outsourcing accounting services or accounting franchising: which is better?

Researching the Differences Between Accounting Outsourcing and Accounting Franchising ? So, you have found the article that will clear your doubts. Both franchising and outsourcing are business models that have gained ground in the accounting universe, a sector with endless opportunities and in constant transformation. Choosing between one and the other depends on your purpose as an accounting entrepreneur. Is your problem with routine processes that are overshadowing creativity and productivity? Or are you interested in opening an accounting office , taking advantage of an already established brand? Know that outsourcing accounting services and accounting franchising serve different purposes, within different contexts. To find out which one best suits your reality, follow the topics below.

Outsourcing accounting services franchising

Differences Before we talk about the differences, let’s understand the meaning of outsourcing accounting and franchising services . Outsourcing of accounting services is a business relationship that consists of hiring a third party to perform certain  Netherlands Phone Number Data  tasks for your company. The contractor can be an accounting firm or a specialized independent professional. Outsourcing, or outsourcing , is a very common practice in companies of any segment, valid mainly for support activities . Franchising, on the other hand, is a replicable business model. When opening an accounting franchise, you acquire a kind of “clone” of an office that already exists, starting to use its brand, patent and know-how. Those who acquire a franchise (franchisee) sign a contract with those who sell the franchise (franchisor) and follow a series of standardization rules for that business.

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The main differences between outsourcing accounting

Services and franchising: Features of an Accounting Franchise Business model governed by specific legislation. The Franchise Law institutes rules for the installation of new network units and establishes what information the franchisee must receive from the franchisor Optional membership to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) Mandatory disclosure of a Franchise Offer Circular (COF) , a document available to all franchisee candidates, containing EA Leads various information, such as the size of the investment for opening a franchise Mandatory costs such as franchise fee , royalties and marketing fund Use of the franchisor’s brand and visual identity Mandatory adoption of layout and architectural standards at franchisee facilities Standardized management, according to the rules defined by the franchisor. Even if the franchisee disagrees with the way in which a service is provided, he is not free to do otherwise by virtue of the contract.

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